What is on your MUST DO modification list this spring?

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      Wondering what others have on their TO DO list before commissioning there boat for the spring?? What mods/repairs/add ons are you doing?

      Do you need any help or advice on something perhaps someone else in the group has done?

      Do you need ideas of ways to make the boat better?

      Share your thoughts/ideas/plans and see if anyone else is doing the same.

      I personally have a pretty big list of things to do (would like to do)

      1. I currently have all the windows out for replacement, which has turned out to be not as big of a job as I first thought. I have taken the time to clean and polish around all the windows before they go back in and they are looking GOOD.

      2. Speakers – I put in a stereo at the end of last season and need to still get the speakers in. I will be putting them above the V-berth on either side of the hatch. I put the stereo in the space next to the head door on the back of the bench.

      3. Galley Update – I have pulled the old galley out and am looking at creating a custom set of drawers – I was amazed to find that there is 20″ of space to the outer hull in behind the stock galley. So much wasted space i hope to take advantage of.

      4. Chartplotter Mount – I purchased a Garmin 721XS last year and have to find somewhere to mount it as it is pretty large. I have hoping to get some custom SS pipe work done and attached it to the main sheet arch. But we will see about that.

      5. Transducer install – I picked up a SONAR transom transducer last year as well and have mounted it. Really excited to see what the bottom looks like (hope to find my own Sir John Franklin’s ship!!)

      6. Adjustable Backstay – I purchased a adjustable backstay from BWY and also can’t wait to get that install to have a little more control over the mast rake and sails. That should be an easy one.

      7. Repair Bimini and Mainsail bag – got a couple rips in the bimini and mainsail bag zipper kicked the bucket. need to give them a quick fix.

      8. Adjust position of hounds – I install a johnson quick release leaver on the furling system last year, but I don’t think I moved it up the mast enough so i need to raise it a little more and get that all sorted out.

      Optional this year (I hope) – Anchor roller and new anchor (Ronca), adjustable outhaul, Lazy jack system (like MacX has), swim platform/engine area cover, doggy ladder.

      This list is BIG, but i hope to get this all done this year.

      I have attached a photo of the GREAT looking black stripes of the window i have managed to bring back to life. I have the secret if anyone wants to know.

      Lets hear your list of TO DO’ and help each other out

      Rick & Sue

        1. Reattach mast and rigging, I hope the labels I put on the connectors still make sense.

        2. Attach my new Lifesling II and figure out how to use it.

        3. Replace bearing seal on trailer.

        Gerry Mitchell

          Get back home and Clean, Clean, Clean and some more cleaning.

          Seal up the port rub rail.

          Alan & Belinda

            Mine include
            1. Anchor roller and relocate nav light
            2. Auto pilot Install with larger wheel
            3. Additional Water tank and deck fill
            4. Relocate VHF and antenna
            5. New instrument pod

            Here is the progress of the instrument pod so far. Picked a used Navpod up off of Ebay and made a new face for it.


              1. I didn’t cover the boat this year so Cleanup is Huge!

              2. Change engine fluids

              3. Trailer brakes aren’t working, yikes!

              4. Could be #1 factory galley face is off, must build galley!

              5. Rain leaks…search and seal

              6. Repair chipped gel-coat

              7. My Dad knows the previous owner who just have him a box of mystery mainsail parts for me, really hoping it’s a slug stop!

              8. Lined the icebox with 1″ foam last year, I hope to get it glassed in for a cleaner cooler.

              9. Wet sand the boat then wax or NewGlass2 or what’s the trick for the stripes?

              There’s a lot more but this is a start,



                PS Alan,your Nav Pod looks great!

                White Falcon, what made you take your windows out?



                  We had multiple leaks in our windows right above our heads when sleeping, they guy who owned the boat before must have resealed them and did a TERRIBLE job, only sealed the outer part. I have hopefully fixed that issue.

                  As far as the black stripes/waxing, I would suggest investing in a angle grinder waxing wheel. (Adjustable speed) you could probably pick up one at a used tool place somewhere and an 8″ buffing wheel (auto store) and rubbing compound.

                  I started by removing all the crap with magic erasers, and then hit it with the buffing wheel and rubbing compound until it came up almost new looking as you can see by the photo above.

                  I waxed half the boat it about 30 mins after I gave it a rub down with the magic eraser.


                    Next on the mod list!!

                    Rob & Angelee

                      Okay, now THAT’s a mod!!!

                      Gerry Mitchell

                        Well, I wasn’t going to do any mods. Just clean and sail, however the boating gods got me..

                        I went to start the Wallas Stove/Heater two days ago and after a puff of smoke, I assumed the board was bad and when I got the unit out of the mount an aluminum tube was corroded through. I called Scan Marine and had a talk with one of the owners. They could fix the stove or I could buy another. The stove has been in the boat for 12 years so when I got to their offices in Seattle I decided to just get a new one. The only real difference is the control thermostat. Works good now.

                        Gerry M
                        Mystic Rose


                        Drag-n-Fly 2003 M BLUE-
                        installed a solar panel on the bimini,
                        installed a stowage shelf under the starboard seat,
                        replaced steering gear,
                        replaced rudders,
                        installed holder for rocna starboard side and sewed a protective cover to prevent sail interference/damage I hope,
                        made winch covers and working on covers for the cars,
                        buff the blue shell,
                        install a hatch under cabin seats to make access to stowage more accessible,
                        washed all lines in mild soap in wash machine,
                        made cover for the roller furler hub for when taking mast down (thank you to MYBC member for design),
                        replace the mast bearing but probably will replace that with a UHMW plastic washer thanks to MYBC member suggestion,
                        touch up nicks in gel coat (have lots as boat is also used for shrimping/crabbing),
                        clean grease/oil the winches after 11 years sure they are in need,
                        change engine oil plus lubricate and replace zinc,
                        repair the seat over the gas tanks.
                        wash the bird doodoo off the boat (took hours!!!)- sewed a cover out of the old sails to help minimize doodoo reoccurrence,
                        replace the zipper pulls on the jib cover,
                        tighten up the jib line.
                        made sure the stitching in the bottom luff of the main sail holding the rope was completely removed,
                        had Wallace stove/heater serviced (fan replaced) (a woefully late task).
                        Wanted to also put speakers in the cockpit but cant get the energy to pull out all that foam again to access the radio. The boat has been out of the water for a month now, cant wait to get it back in.
                        Also had major landing/float repair for the dock which is all done now.

                        Late last year and earlier this year, we
                        replace/upgraded the tired 10 year old stock sails,
                        installed sock and bow sprit for the spinnaker (works awesome) with additional aft cleats to control the sheets,
                        installed a cheap composting toilet consisting of box with toilet seat 5 gal bucket and gallon milk jug – absolute best mod!,
                        installed a refrigerator/freezer,
                        installed an inexpensive electric pump for sink water (I hated pumping water) and added a small 13 gallon water bladder which can easily be refilled on board.

                        A Macgregor is like a new house. There are so many things that can be done to make it your own.


                        I installed new LED trailer lights and wiring this past weekend.

                        Not a glamorous mod, but a necessary one. Cost us about $80 for the lights and wire harness package at Can-Tire, and about 3 hours to tear off the old ones and install the new ones (end to end).

                        I had to drill new holes in the trailer to mount the light cases because the brackets I had before on the guide poles were just not working the way I had hoped, along with a short in the wiring somewhere needing a “shake and a wiggle” to get them going half the time for the past while. (but don’t tell Leisa … or the cops 😮


                          Had a couple things added to the list of things to do.

                          New Clew sewn in the Genny, along with all the stitching for the sun cover re-sewn.

                          Had reinforcing strips sewn into the Bimini and dodger to fix the rips. had the forward most “lift a dots” replaced and reinforced.

                          Replace the main sheet clasp with a heavy duty stainless steel screw gate carabiner.

                          Cut the Genny sheet in half and whipped all ends to coincide with port and starboard for easy identification.

                          Bought 2 stainless steel screw gate carabiners for the mast raising system.

                          Installed the adjustable back stay.

                          Hooked up the compass light to the running ligths, so now the compass lights up for night sailing.

                          Figured out the issue with our Nav lights, (somehow the polarity was reverse on them)

                          Can’t wait to see what needs to be done after this weekend!!


                            What I’ve done so far….

                            Got another prop!

                            Oops that wasn’t on the list and of course it’s the never ending search for 1 more knot.

                            Actually me and the 3rd mate gave the cockpit a good scrub too.

                            Well here’s another weekend working out of town instead of working on the boat or going to the Rendezvous…



                              Well hello, my wife and I are new here and have just bought our first X. hope to not do much this year I have fixed some chips from the past owners crabbing nets and am polishing the hull for the new season. A new wind vane is in order so if anyone has suggestions for one please let me know. the old one is bent. and cleaning, a whole lot of cleaning. also we have all new cushions on order. the old ones stank something fierce. mostly this year we want to get out and enjoy. and build our to do list for next year. yikes lol

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