MYCBC Membership FAQ

(Frequently Asked Questions About Membership)

Q: Why join us?
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Q: Do you have to own a MacGregor or Tattoo to join?
Yes. General membership is open to current MacGregor and Tattoo boat owners or past MYCBC members. But … if you currently own a different boat, or no boat, a one year “Trial Membership” is available.

Q: How many people are included per membership?
One boat with one address and immediate family members is assumed.

Q: What responsibilities are expected of members?
To have fun by participating and joining in club activities of your choosing. Volunteers are always welcome and encouraged, but never expected.

Q: How much are the membership dues?
General Membership dues are $35 per year. Membership fee for the first calendar year is $65 ($35 annual membership fee plus $30 initiation fee including the club burgee). Dues are paid by calendar year and not pro-rated. There is also a non-renewable one year “Trial Membership” for non-MacGregor boat owners that is $65.

Q: What is a Trial Membership?
If you do not own a MacGregor of Tattoo but are interested in purchasing one, you may join MYCBC as a Trial Member for one year. If at the end of the year you have not purchased a MacGregor or Tattoo your membership will be cancelled. As a Trial Member you have access to all club activities and the webpage. The cost of a Trial Membership is $65. Your Club Burgee will be forwarded to you if you become a Full Member by acquiring a boat and paying the $35 for your second year.

Q: What’s included in my membership?
For your modest annual fee, you’ll receive a “MYCBC Welcome Package” (which includes a welcome letter, official club burgee, and full access to all the information on the MYCBC webpage), an invitation to all club meetings and events and our annual dinner party, and club roster listings. For details regarding our cruises and events, please see our website ( for up to date information

Q: How long does the application process take?
Approximately 1-2 weeks. Once an application and associated fees are received, the application is reviewed by the executive committee for approval. Once approved, a new member package is mailed. In the rare case that an application is denied, monies paid shall be returned to the applicant.

Q: What if I don’t live in the Vancouver/Fraser Valley region?
We have many members outside of the Vancouver region. We offer many things that make the $ 35 membership worthwhile. All of our Club Night Meetings and Presentations are now shared live using Zoom meetings. This free web service allows our distant members to observe and ask questions at the meeting and of the Presenters. Our website has an amazing wealth of information on MacGregors, the lifestyle and cruising in the Pacific Northwest. Distant members are encouraged to join our cruises through the Gulf Islands, the San Juan Islands and surrounding areas. It is always reassuring to venture into new areas with others who have already been there and can answer your questions.


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