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Now featuring online Zoom meetings and presentations for our distant members

Only $65 for the first year and annual dues (currently $35) subsequent years. First year membership includes dues ($35) and initiation fee ($30)

Advantages of a MacGregor Sailboat and MYCBC Membership

Learn more about MacGregor Sailboats

  • Check out the MacGregor Buying Guide
  • Popular, unsinkable, lightweight, trailerable power sailors
  • Easy to sail, operate and maintain
  • Can cruise over 20 miles per hour with larger outboards
  • Get advice from actual MacGregor boat owners in the club
  • Good Resale value

MYCBC Club Events

  • Club Cruises – Meet, socialize and sail with our experienced members
  • Club Night Dinner Meetings Enjoy discussions and presentations with our members. Available online for distant members
  • Online ZOOM planning meetings for all club cruises
  • Year End Dinner and Awards Night
  • Club Calendar – Printable event calendar to pin on the fridge


Learn about:
  • Passage Planning, Currents and Tide Gates
  • Night Sailing
  • Anchoring, Mooring Balls and Dock Lines
  • Motor Sailing
  • MacGregor Specific Sailing Skills
  • Safety Equipment and Procedures
  • Maintenance, Emergency Repair and Provisioning
  • Learn from our Friendly, Experienced Members
  • MYCBC Education Program –  PDF document on the education that MYCBC provides

MYCBC Website

  • Stay informed of MYCBC activities
  • Learn about and join the club cruises
  • Learn about and join member’s cruises
  • Contact other members
  • View archived presentations and documents about MacGregor sailing and the Pacific Northwest waters
  • Links to websites covering weather, tides, currents, navigation, government sites, safety information and other MacGregor sites.
  • Videos of club night presentations and member’s boat modifications
  • MYCBC Website Resources – See what information members have on the website
You are invited to attend for free one of our Club Night Dinner Meetings and Presentations to learn more about us

Ricky’s All Day Grill (Walnut Grove), Meeting Room, 8720 – 204 Street, Langley, BC

Click HERE for Events Schedule

Easy to join

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