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Welcome to MYCBC




Everyone who attended was a big winner with the awesome buffet dinner at TugBoat Annies in Richmond

The Boat Gifts were a big hit. It is amazing the the many unique gifts our members come up with for the $20 gift exchange.

Every boat went home with a Door Prize ranging from Crab traps, $50 gift cards to magazine subscriptions and hats. Please take an opportunity to visit the following Club Partners who have donated the many fine door prizes we have given out this year to thank them and spend your boating dollars.

Inlet Marine in Port Moody Martin Marine in North Vancouver
BlueWater Yachts
Pacific Yachting Magazine
Steveston Marine LFS in Bellingham
Poco Marine in Port Coquitlam Union Steamship Co Marina
Blaine Marina Point Roberts Marina
Skyview Outdoors

MYCBC Award Winners

Fleet Stars – recognizing 5 years in the Club

  • Wandering, Sea Esta, DragNfly, Business and Blue Water Yachts

Fleet Stars – recognizing 10 years in the Club

  • Cassiopeia and McMorris


  • 1st place Kensea
  • 2nd place Cenote

Pacific Yachting Logbook Cruising Award

  • Most Nautical Miles Cruised in 2019 – Mari-Mac 1068 NM
  • Cruising award draw – Gemini

1000 Nautical Mile Club presentations

2015 Bachus 1203 nm
2016 Bachus 1016 nm
2017 Saynomore 1224 nm
2019 Mari-Mac 1068

The 50/50 Draw was won by Gemini



AGM Commodore’s Report – We have had another outstanding Cruising Season with 34 of our member boats making it out to at least one Cruise. Two of our members attended all 5 Club Cruises (Gemini and Zephyr). Six Boats attended 4 Cruises and 7 boats attended 3 Cruises. I’m proud of the fact that our membership continued to grow to 87 boats.

Highlights of 2019 (Details can be found in AGM Minutes)
  1. Improved membership information and renewal process
  2. New MacSkills and MacFoulie Confidence Cruise formats
  3. Women of MYCBC Initiative
  4. Zoom Meetings – allowing our distant members to participate in Club Night Meetings and Presentations
  5. MYCBC Tool Library featuring Go-Hoist and Rig Tensioning Kits.
  6. Club Hats, toques and visors
  7. Personalized Club Logbooks
  8. 5 Club Night Presentations and 5 Club Cruises
The AGM Updated MYCBC Bylaws and Bridge Positions.
A new Bridge was elected and welcomed Teacher’s Pet (Kelvin) as our new Membership/Treasurer.
The Membership Dues were maintained at $35.
The theme for next year is Communication.
The Dates and Locations for next year’s Club Nights and Club Cruises were set and can be seen under the ABOUT US/2020 Calendar Tab



The September Club Night was another success with not only members at the meeting but our distant members able to be part of the meeting online. We had a bit of an issue with the Zoom meeting but we were able to restart before the Presentation and members were able to rejoin. It is still a learning process for us and we are looking to improve the online broadcast by the AGM October 19.

The 2019-09-13 minutes are available under the Resources/Downloads tab. There is a correction as the deadline for cancellation of your Year End Dinner and Awards Night tickets is actually November 6.

The Presentation on SAFETY AND BOAT INSURANCE is under the Resources/Downloads/Presentations tab. You can also find a link to the Video of the Presentation in the CHATBOX.

New Members/Sailors can now register for next Springs MacSkills Confidence Cruise. We highly recommended this 4 hour day sail for people who are new to boating, new to sailing, but also for those who have previous keel boat experience so as to understand the functions of adjustable keels and retractable rudders and water ballast verses lead keel ballast. 

Call for submission of your Cruising Miles total for the season. The boat with the most Cruising miles wins free MYCBC Dues for next year. Everyone who enters is in the draw for a 1 year Subscription to Pacific Yachting Magazine. Send your total to the Commodore using the Red Club Suggestion button on the left of the Webpage. Deadline for submissions is the AGM October 19.

Watch for an email regarding tickets for the Year End Dinner and Awards Night November 16.

Plan to attend the AGM or participate in the online meeting Saturday October 19, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

If you are interested in borrowing the Club’s Go Hoist to lift your boat off the trailer this off season be sure to check out the details under the Resources/MYCBC Tool Library for how you can book it.



Thanks Mover for the heads up that this promotion is back. Save 50% ($3.25 per additional foot) on vehicles measuring over 20′. Offer available on select sailings from May 16 – September 4. This offers a quick way to trailer your boat to Desolation Sound, The Broughton’s or Barkley Sound. Details on the B.C.FERRIES WEBSITE.


2019 MYCBC Regatta Results

The 2019 Blaine Regatta was attended by 13 club boats and 5 other crews who joined the activities. Seven Boats with 11 crews on board completed the Saturday Safety Sail featuring Emergency Anchoring, Reefing and Crew Overboard practice along with reviews of VHF calling protocols and the phonetic alphabet. The annual potluck and a special Ladies Wine Social followed.

Sunday featured the annual Regatta with 9 boats with 11 crews on board rounding the marks in 2 races. Windspiration won the first race easily but ran into issues crossing the starting line of the second race and as a result slipped in the standings. With the combined time of both races the 1st Place trophy winner was Kensea followed by Cenote taking home the second place trophy.

May 31 – June 2
USSC Marina, Snug Cove, Bowen Island



The May Club Night was the beginning of a new era of MYCBC. For the first time our distant members were able to tune into the meeting online. Members from BC, Alberta, Ontario and Washington joined us this time.  It wasn’t a perfect start but reports indicate that our distant members appreciated seeing the agenda and hearing the conversation at the meeting as well as the presentation on “FOG” that followed. We are working on improving the sound and adding the ability of our distant members to participate by asking questions and even voting in the future. Watch for those improvements to happen with our next Club Night September 14, 2019.

You will find copies of the MINUTES and the PRESENTATION ON FOG under the Resources/Downloads Tab above.

Come out to our First Club Cruise of the Season at the Blaine Marina this weekend. Enjoy the presentation on “Rigging a MacGregor – What could possibly go wrong?” Saturday morning 9:00 am at the boat launch followed by the Safety Sail to practice reefing, crew overboard and emergency anchoring and then bring something to share at the evening potluck. Sunday will feature the annual Regatta sail where members test their abilities to sail their boat around the marks as quickly as possible.

If you are not a member of MYCBC, it is only $35 per year (with one time $30 Club Burgee purchase) to join the 80 MacGregor boats that belong to the Club. More information when you click the Big Red Button at the top left of the page.



Friday April 12, 2019

The 2019-04-12 Minutes can be found under the Resources/Downloads Tab.

Highlights of the night included:

  1. The first trial at webcasting the meeting and Presentation. It needs a little work but we will be offering our long distance members a chance to “tune in” to the May Club Night. You will get instructions by email the week before the meeting.
  2. Lots of changes at the Blaine Regatta May 18-20. Still the “Great Race” but so much more. Details in the Club Cruise Itinerary under the Resources/Downloads Tab.Remember to Post if you are planning to attend Here.
  3. Three great topics for the Workshops at MacRendezvous
  4. Watch for new Members Cruises to be posted soon in the Forum. Use the Button on the right to see them.
  5. The hats are ordered and will be available by the May Club Night
  6. Watch for the Chance to order the NEW MYCBC LOGBOOKS only $15 information coming next week

Post your sail Plans for the Club Cruises listed under the Water MacTivities Tab to earn your $10 Awards for early posting.

Thanks Darry for the great Presentation on SHORT HANDED SEAMANSHIP  Available in the PRESENTATIONS FOLDER under the Resources/Downloads Tab.


The 2019-03-08 Minutes can be found under the Resources/Downloads Tab.
  1. NAUTICAL KNOTS OF THE NIGHT  – Clove Hitch / Round Turn & Two Half Hitches
    1. Thanks Darry. Everyone had fun roping their chairs as they learned and reviewed these useful Knots
  2. Club Cruise Itineraries Are now online HERE
  3. Year End Dinner and Awards Night Locations and costs will be presented at April Club Night
  4. TOOL LIBRARY – The Boat Hoist and Rig Tensioning Kit have been booked but there are still a lot of times available. Book soon if you want to borrow these Tool Kits. Information HERE
  5. MYCBC LOGBOOKS – 2 variations were presented and ordering information will be available online soon
  6. MYCBC 2019 Hat Ordering information and pictures will be available online soon
  7. The Presentation – “MYCBC – Docking 2019” Thanks Darry for the great Presentation AVAILABLE ONLINE HERE




February Club Night Highlights

Another great night featuring:

  1. Short meeting with lots of new information
    1. 2019-02-08 Minutes HERE
  2. The new TOOL LIBRARY
  3. The First NAUTICAL KNOTS of the Night – Practice with knots at the beginning of each Club Night. Featuring:

    1. Reef Knot
    2. Figure 8 Knot
  4. BOAT LAUNCHES PRESENTATION – MYCBC’s own Google map of boat launches. Each Red marker will describe all the features of each boat launch from a MacGregor rig and launch perspective. Members can access the map under the Resources tab and view or update the launches.




MYCBC Club Night Dinner Meeting
Friday February 8, 2019
6:30 – 9:00 pm
Ricky’s All Day Grill (Walnut Grove)
(8720 – 204 St, Langley, BC)

Join us for the first Club event of the year. We will be unveiling some great changes to the website that will make your MYCBC experience even better. We will also introduce the NEW MYCBC TOOL LIBRARY featuring the new GoHoist boat lift kit, the Rigging Kit and the Rig Tuning Kit. Yours to borrow for free as part of your membership. Check the Agenda below to see all the great topics we will be covering and don’t forget the PRESENTATION ON “BOAT LAUNCHES AND WHAT THEY LEAD TO” after the meeting.


Roll Call 
Motion to Accept the Minutes of the October 20, 2018 AGM
Call for new Agenda Items
Bridge Officer Reports
  1. Club Cruises – Confirm dates and locations
    1. Review of MYCBC Cruise Guidelines and Itineraries
  2. Club Nights
  3. Member Cruises
  4. MYCBC Tool Library
  5. Website changes
    1. Why Join Pages and “Free” Membership
    2. Personal Messaging
    3. Membership – Joining and Renewal, Waiver
New Business
  1. Year End Awards Dinner Saturday November 16 Location TBD
  2. Nautical Knots of the Night – Darry
  3. Group Boat Insurance – Paul
  4. 50/50 Draw Projects
Meeting Adjourned Time
PRESENTATION: –  Boat Launches and What They Lead To – Darren



2018 has been another great year with many firsts.

  1. 23 new members to increase the number of boats to 84
  2. A new venue for Club Nights in Langley
  3. Rear Commodore’s Cruise to La Conner is the furthest south we have ventured
  4. Website improvements to streamline information for new members, log in and access to Club activities and Membership renewals by eTransfer
  5. The new B.O.A.T. 101 program replacing the Spring MacFoulie
  6. MacTool Library – Members can borrow the following tools from the club (Availabilty in January)
    1. Gohoist –
    2. Rigging adjustment – Loos guage and BWY adjustment tool
    3. Standing rigging tools – Cable cutter and Swage tool

Member recognitions for 2018

  1. Regatta trophy winners
    1. 1st Place – Windspiration
    2. 2nd Place Tie – Windchime and Tickety Boo
  2. Cruising Miles/Logbook Award
    1. Free Membership for the most miles Cruised – Saynomore
  3. Fleet Stars
    1. 5 year members
      1. Wave Lady
      2. Blackjack
      3. Cosmo
      4. Bachus
      5. Jillybean
      6. Just Sayin
    2. 10 year members
      1. None this year
    3. 15 year members
      1. Kermie
      2. Gerry & Linda
      3. Cloud 9
    4. 20 year members
      1. DeeSeas

Your Bridge has been working hard to make the MYCBC experience the best it can be. If you can think of something we need to do or do better then please let us know. You can contact us individually under the about us tab at the top of the page.

It is with great sadness that I announce the departure of our long term Membership/Treasurer Ron. He has decided that 11 years is enough and he will be retiring at the end of the 2019 season. This will be a great loss to the club. Both because he is such a great guy and he has done an awesome job for us for all these years. It is time for someone to step up and fill his shoes. If you are interested in helping the club by filling in as Membership/treasurer, please contact the bridge to let us know.

The MYCBC Bridge wishes all members a

Happy and Healthy New Year

and as much time as you can possibly spend on your boat for 2019.



Thanks first of all to the members who showed up to make the tough decisions at the AGM. Thanks to this year’s Bridge for the great work and welcome to the new 2019 Bridge. The MINUTES OF THE AGM ARE HERE. We spent lots of money, approved keeping the 2019 dues at $35, approved changes to the Cruise Guidelines, Flotilla Guidelines and the Fleet Stars Program and welcomed the 2019 Theme of MYCBC and MacGregor Safety. Our presentations and many of our activities thoughout the coming year will emphasize SAFETY. We look forward to the upcoming changes in the “Confidence Cruises” part of our Education Programs and finally all the great plans for next year that you can find in our 2019 CALENDAR under the About Us Tab. Be sure to check the Calendar and book early for all the fun. See you at the Year End Dinner and Awards Night November 17.



The MINUTES are posted.Thanks to those who attended and Rick and Ken for the Member Cruises Presentation.

The decision on the locations for next year’s Commodore’s and Rear Commodore’s Cruises were made.

Commodore’s Cruise
June 29-July 1
Port Sidney Marina
Sidney, B.C.
Rear Commodore’s Cruise
August 3-5
Otter Bay Marina
Pender Island, B.C.

The website has being updated to show this new information.

The YEAR END DINNER and AWARDS NIGHT (Saturday November 17) menu was decided. Details on how to sign up and pay will be emailed to you shortly. Deadline for paying is the AGM on October 20 (cancellations with full refunds will be available until Nov 6).

2019 SPRING MacFOULIE has been added under the Water MacTivities Tab. Spaces are limited and first come first serve so sign up soon.