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      Today I started to fix up the rats nest of wiring at my batteries. Of course the boat had lots of additions from new and the battery terminals were overloaded with ring connectors with inline fuses everywhere. It was time to sort out the mess and install bus bars and a proper fuse box that can be accessed with minimal ease.
      Tracing the wiring was relatively easy, labeling everything along the dismantle. A couple of circuits I was unsure of but I hooked up a battery and figured out what they were. One however has got me stumped and I am not sure about. The one wire that runs aft with the motor cables, that I assume doubles back to power lights, masthead, running lights at the stock panel (4 switches port side), that wire I have hooked up the battery to it and nothing happens. Battery has lots of juice, there is resistance on the circuit when a switch is on and none when it is off. Tried reverse polarity, tried a different battery, fuse is good, everything was worked at the end of our trip last year.
      Anybody else have the same experience or have suggestions.

      Paul Christensen

        i wonder if it is bringing power from your outboard’s alternator BACK to your batteries when the engine is running…..


          I got it figured out. Thanks

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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