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    Cenotè is in need of a new main sail. I’ve been looking at Hyde sails out of the states (JudyB sails). About 750 USD with 2 reefs and 2 full battens.

    Any other suggested places to check? or killer deals out there?

    Alan and Belinda
    Cenotè 26X


    I would check Blue Water Yachts in Seattle. Bwyachts.com under parts and accessories they have a whole section on replacing sails. Lots of info and prices on different options. I have always had great service with them


    I am also curious if anyone has gone with a loose footed mainsail and what your experience is with it.


    When I got the BWY mainsail handling system ( lazy jacks and stack pack) it converted my main to loose footed. I don’t know enough about sailing to comment on performance but it is supposed to be better. I would say the shape of the foot of the sail looks a little smoother. Todd at BWY commented that the advantage of loose footed was probably cancelled by the addition of the stack pack. I do love the system. Unzip, easy up then lowers into stack pack and zip up. No loose sail all over deck and awkward flaking.


    I think that what and where you buy will be determined mostly by your personal value balance. But if your kicking tires and shopping price verse quality, I would give North Sails in Richmond a call. We have never bought a new sail from them but they have done all our repairs and sail work with what I consider good value. http://www.na.northsails.com/vancouver.aspx


    Some years back I checked with Blue water and North Sails in Richmond. I wanted to have my main checked out and wanted modifications. Time and cost the factors and NS won the tendering. They assessed my sail, and told me I had much life left. They did point out some repairs, and walked me through the modifications. I was satisfied.


    Check around on the internet. The MacGregor sail sizes are readily available to sail manufactures and you can get an excellent sail at a good price if you shop around. I bought a new sail last year for my Mac from FXSails, with full batons and loose footed and I had them lift the clew up a few inches to accommodate my dodger. The sail was amazing and I enjoyed some of the best sailing yet out of my boat. I saved quite a bit of money over some of the other dealers. I have heard that Precision Sails are quite good as well. It pays to shop around.


    I bought a RF Genoa From JudyB in Fall 2012. It was a good experience, though for the most part I try my best to support local business I will definitely consult Judy again when replacing the main(original Doyle from ’96). Also had my hull# put on the sail in case I can make it to Blaine one of these years, that way you’ll all know whose butt you kicked when you’re back at the dock waiting for me to round the first mark.



    Thanks Whipsyjac, I ordered from JudyB too. Its just arrived at my sisters mailbox in Sumas, just need her to ship it to me. First real trip will be to Flathead lake MT, looking forward to trying it out.


    I picked my sail up in Blaine, I only had to pay GST when I declared it. Canadian Border Services wanted to see a receipt though, so I ended up showing them the PDF receipt on my smart phone.

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