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    A forum to post where you got the cool stuff for your boat.


    The Johnson adjustable lever to connect Roller Furler to boat. Easier to pin the forestay.

    Antal Low friction Rings for adjustable attachment of head sail sheets.

    note: the Johnson lever works great but raises the head sail so rings were necessary to adjust lines to get better sail shape on Gemini


    C Head Composting Head. Great addition to Gemini. No smells and easy to empty.


    Hey Gemini, How much did you have to raise the hound? I have read 200mm. I am interested in doing this mod asap, but would like to know how others have done it


    Hi White Falcon,
    I have attached a couple of photos. My first attempt to move the hound was 12inches above the original. When I tried it I discovered that my furler does not have much length adjustment (1/2 inch with bolt and nut) that was not enough to adjust to correct tension so I went 6 inches higher (total 18 inches) and installed a turn buckle at top of furler to adjust things. It is a pain at the top and it took several attempts with mast raising to get it right. Adjustment was mast rake 5 inches to stern. The turnbuckle could not go at the bottom as it would raise the sail too high.


    Oops, try this photo of the mast hound and turnbuckle.

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    Gemeni, isn’t there a turnbuckle inside your furler drum? CDI furlers have it you unpin the luff at the top of the furler drum then the drum and luff extrusion slide up the forestay revealing the turnbuckle. That’s how I set my mast rake to eliminate the excessive weather helm.


    I’m pretty sure I don’t have the CDI furler. All I have is a bolt sticking out the bottom that uses a couple nuts to tighten the head stay by maybe an inch. I wish I had the built in turnbuckle.


    Can you post a pic of your furler? Or does it have the make and model on it?


    I have the CDI Flexible Furler. Which incorporates a turnbuckle inside the furling drum.

    I think I would have put the mast hounds up a little bit more as the forestay is not as tight as i would have liked it. That being said I did turn the turnbuckle to the shortest extremes last night, hopefully that will do the trick, my other last resort is there is another set of holes in the quick release which should make it shorter. I also had to rearrange the eyes for the furling line to accommodate the change in height of the drum.

    It is a really simple mod and makes it 100 times easier to attach the genoa. I have also ordered Quick Release Clevis Pins with a spring instead of those stupid pins and rings


    LED replacement bulbs


    I have ordered replacement bulbs for my Nav Lights. I have not received them yet, but i don’t see why they shouldn’t work. I will let everyone know when i get them.

    I made the mistake of replacing my bow light with a new led from west marine for $69, and i just ordered 3 of each bulb for $56 and 3 is a lot, realistically the boat will break apart before the bulbs.

    For the 98X I ordered the following:

    Mast Steaming Light:
    44mm Dimple Barrelled Festoon Bulb – Cool White
    Stern Light:
    ba9s mini bayonet bulb – Cool White –
    ba15s bayonet bulbs – Warm White – As not to have that meat locker feeling.

    I believe the the bow light is the same as the stern, but you have to get the warm white behind coloured lens.

    Please double check your own lights as they have changed the lights from year to year. Send me a msg and I can always help.


    My unknown furler. The closeup shows the only adjustment. About 2 cm by tightening the 2 nuts. This bolt is swaged to the end of the furler cable.

    White Falcon, be careful of quick release pins. If they work free your mast comes crashing down resulting in significant damage and maybe injuries. I hate those ring things to but they are supposed to be more reliable.

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    I searched and searched…you have a MacGregor Furler! They sourced their own and stopped using CDI. You are also correct you only have an inch or so of adjustment. You might have to get very creative to get more.

    Oh well, you have it adjusted to your liking now right?

    Took me a lot of head scratching and internet searching to find out I had a turnbuckle hidden inside my CDI furler. To eliminate the mast rake I had to get rid of some weird mods the PO did to the back stay since he obviously did not know about the hidden turnbuckle or what the true purpose of the backstay is.

    So far we haven’t really added much cool stuff except 6v batteries in series for the house power. Located in the Vee berth. Money saving tip: for heavy gauge wire it’s cheaper to buy “good” jumper cables and cut off the ends than to buy 4,6,or 8 ga. wire. Canadian tire sells ends and shrink tube to solder on good water proof connectors.

    Bought a load of stuff at WestMarine in Richmond to use their discount card

    Coolest thing I guess was a Standard Horizon VHF with DSC and a built in GPS….West Marine

    Oh year Blue Water Yachts custom steering disconnect for my X solved many steering issues.




    Yes I have thought about that, and I ordered these quick release clevis pins with springs. but i will definitely keep my eye on it. I will mess around with it with the mast tied off for security

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