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      Weather trivia
      saynomore, Fri Sep 04 2009, 02:44PM

      Red sky at night – sailors delight, red sky in the morning – sailor take warning
      When the dew is on the grass, rain will never come to pass
      When smoke decends, good weather ends
      Rain starting with wind from the East, always continues for a least 12 to 24 hours
      Continuous rain starting about 0900 often heralds a wet day
      Long fortold, long last. Short notice, soon past.
      When ditch, pond, and ocean offend the nose, then look for rain and stormy blows.
      The farther the sight, the nearer the rain

      Beaufort wind scale

      beaufort term mean wind wave height description
      number in knots eight in (m)

      0 calm 1 0.1 Sea like mirror
      1 Light air 1-3 0.2-0.3 Ripples w/the appearance of scales ,
      no foam crest.
      2 Light breeze 4-6 0.6-1 Small wavelets, still short, pronounced.
      crest have glassy appearance, no break
      3 Gentle breeze 7-10 1-1.5 Large wavelets, crest begin to break.
      foam -glassy appearance.
      perhaps like scattered white horses.
      4 Moderate breeze 11-16 1.5-2 Small waves, becoming longer.
      fairly frequent white horses
      5 Fresh breeze 17- 21 2-3 Moderate waves, pronounce long form.
      many white horses, chances of spray
      6 Strong breeze 22-27 3-4 Large wave begin to form, white foam.
      crest are more extensive, some spray.
      7 Near gale 2 8-33 4-5.5 Sea heaps up, white foam from breaking
      waves, blown in streaks in the direction
      of the wind.
      8 Gale 34-40 5.5-7 Moderate high waves of greater length.
      edges of crests begin to break into
      spindrift, foam blown in well-marked
      streaks along the direction of wind.
      9 Strong Gale 41-47 7-9 High waves, dense streaks of foam along
      direction of wind, crests begin to topple
      and roll over, spray affects visibility.
      10 Storm 48-55 9-11.5 Very high waves, long overhang crest,
      foam os blown in dense white streaks
      visibility affected
      11 Violent storm 56-63 11.5-14 Exceptional high waves, small & medium
      ships get lost behind the waves,
      crest are blowen into froth, limited vision
      12 Hurrican e 64-Over 14+ The air is filled with foam and spray
      sea is white.

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