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      Virtual Yacht Club that we are!
      saynomore, Thu Sep 03 2009, 12:39PM

      I was skimming through stuff that I had intended to post but didn’t get around to it.
      I read this article in PY April 08, and at the time my mandate was on education and thought that if we establish a rapport with other virtual clubs we may be able to tap in on their resources of bring guest speakers to meetings or joining in at one of theirs as they all seem to hold these meetings at the Maritime museum.

      Here is what Alex Morton had to say about the Reality of Virtual Yacht Clubs.

      “A fun alternative to traditional clubs, at a fraction of the price”
      One of the original purpose of yacht clubs was to provide Moorage. Today they provide slips, clubhouse, fine dining, racing, regatta, cruises, and a traditional exchange of priviledges with reciprocal guest moorage and clubhouse entry. At present day many of these clubs are struggling to obtain or create additional slips.

      As cost of membership at these clubs have risen over the years, and moorage scarce, boaters have gathered together to form virtual yacht clubs. Our Yacht clubs is the internet. Today’s VYC members have their own slips and are hunting for common gound with other boaters. They’re looking for cruises, races, and get togethers, and they’re finding even more benefits than they bargained for.

      VYC have neither facilities, dock space nor fossils sitting in the dinnig room reminiscing about the last time they took the old cutter out for a cruise (except Zoran and all his trophy’s). These are active clubs whose primary objective is FUN with a capital “F”. All devoted to sailing with the priority to have a good time. They are inexpensive to join (if you haven’t paid your dues yet… this is a good time to take out the check book, I’m going for mileage with this one) and provide a range of activities that include cruises, races, raft-ups, informal pub nights, pot luck dinners, formal gatherings with guest speakers. The easiest way to find these clubs are through the website where one can find contact information and a schedule of activities and meetings. These social clubs are most happy to add new members… so why not join!!~!

      Other local VYC:
      Gulf Yacht club, 1965, 115 members/ 80 boats: focus is on cruising, familiy oriented, and love to explore the waters of BC and beyond. Meetings at maritime museum each meeting has a guest speaker.
      GYC c/o maritime museum, 1905Ogden St. Vancouver, V6J 1A3,

      TiddlyCoveYC c/o754 – 515 West second ave. vancouver 604-802-6590 90 members, 50 boats, dont take themselves seriously, very active in racing and cruising, most members are from the false creek area. Official office for the club is the Vancouver Maritime museum, where they hold monthly lectures during the winter from adventure tales to engine maintenance, and meet every thursday night at a pub on Granville Island.

      Stamps Landing YC cruising group of sailors that meet thursdays at Stamps landing pub next to Monk Macqueens in false creek, 1985, with 60 members 35 boats. based on cruises and races, and the pub talk is on a range of topics.
      SLYC 610 stamps landing, vancouver,

      MacGregorYCofBC 1992, over 110 virtual members, 40 paid up members
      Focus on having fun, the cammaraderie, cruising, regatta, raft-ups, year end formal dinner, sharing knowledge of sailing and our crafts. Meet several time during Spring/early summer

      There is much more to VYC than getting smashed at a local pubs, we create interest events for all and families, opportunities to expand your cruising experience and travel choices, to cruise with friends. All you require is a good sense of humour, a love for boating. We offer opportunity for knowledge, and friendship that in many cases extend beyond the realm of boating.

      Having said all this I like these groupsfor the purpose of joint ventures in sharing or being part of their guest speaker nights.

      Adding another club for opportunities for guest speakers: BlueWater cruising organization at 1-877-214-4917.

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