Victoria Day Weekend Cruise May 15 to May 18 2009

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      Victoria Day Weekend Cruise May 15 to May 18
      Mover, Sun Jan 25 2009, 04:31PM

      This cruise will focus on the Gulf Islands. Anyone that has a favorite destination can post it here. Its early in the year, so we might want to include marina stays.
      I would suggest 2 overnight stops, each of them short hops, so that you don’t spend the entire weekend at sea!
      Galiano Island’s beautiful Montague Harbour could be a first stop. There are lots of activities here, so another option is to stay put for the whole weekend.
      Next stop, only 8 miles away, is Ganges. This is also the weekend of the ‘Round Saltspring Island Race”, ending with a lamb BBQ at the Yacht Club on Sunday. Details on their web site.
      If winery tours are of interest, Saltsring has two.
      For now, all I need to know is preferences.
      And mark your calanders!

      Re: Victoria Day Weekend Cruise May 15 to May 18
      Kermie, Tue Jan 27 2009, 01:21PM

      For those of us setting out from Point Roberts it would be more convenient to make Ganges a first stop as it is has a designated customs clearance at the gov’t dock. There may be Can-Pass designations in other places but Ganges is most recognized in the immediate area.
      Ganges also has restaurants, marinas, showers, and many shops in the town square.

      Let’s hope the weather is fair and winds are a blowin and we all have our boats in the water.

      Re: Victoria Day Weekend Cruise May 15 to May 18
      Liverpool Lou II, Mon Feb 02 2009, 07:51PM

      Hi Peter,
      This is your back yard. You make calls and we follow, leave us time to get back. Ganges will be OK for us coming from Vancouver. I am yet to check tides and currents for that trip. So as soon as I get current atlas for 2009 I will tell you when we can make it there. I hope our members sailing under second and first narrows will not sleep in again

      Re: Victoria Day Weekend Cruise May 15 to May 18
      saynomore, Mon Feb 09 2009, 05:57AM

      This is your weekend event, so plan it to create interest and intrigue. Speaking to members Montague peeked their interest, and they want to know more about what this secure little harbour has to offer. Ganges as a second stop, for shower, lamb dinner and wine is a great finally, unless their is so much to do on Montague.

      As I stated it’s your show… so dazzle the members, draw out all Mac Owners to join our Club.

      The Commodore

      Re: Victoria Day Weekend Cruise May 15 to May 18
      Mover, Sat Apr 25 2009, 11:10AM

      The Victoria Day Weekend Cruise is still on and I am now looking for numbers, so that berths can be reserved.
      Point Roberts boats can clear at the Ganges seaplane dock (Canpass only) or clear in at White Rock.
      Ganges will be the primary destination.
      Please post on this Forum your expected arrival, time and day.
      Two big events happen Saturday morning: start of the ‘Round Saltspring Race and the local Market.
      For you Mainlanders, you have a nice Ebb on Friday and Saturday until 1600 and 1700 respectively.
      If you need more info on this cruise, please post it or call me 250 360-7640

      Re: Victoria Day Weekend Cruise May 15 to May 18
      saynomore, Sat Apr 25 2009, 09:48PM

      Saynomore will be there come hell or high tide.

      Re: Victoria Day Weekend Cruise May 15 to May 18
      Liverpool Lou II, Mon Apr 27 2009, 06:57AM

      Hi, We couldn’t assemble crew for the race so i will be there with my trusty X. I am still not clear what is the meeting place for Friday night (if I manage to take day off) or Saturday. Is it Ganges or we are at Montague?

      Re: Victoria Day Weekend Cruise May 15 to May 18
      Mover, Tue Apr 28 2009, 11:28PM

      The Victoria Day Weekend Cruise will be meeting at Ganges Harbour. We (Mover) will be there on Friday early afternoon. Larry Cross, who lives on Saltspring Island has contacted Saltspring Marina to advise them of our intent to come. They can accommodate us but they need to know how many boats are coming as soon as possible. I would suggest that anyone interested, call the Marina directly to reserve a berth.
      Saltspring Marina number is: 250 537-5810.

      The Marina has a laundry, marine store, pub, and showers, and is within walking distance to Ganges (town centre), Ganges Market, etc.

      Re: Victoria Day Weekend Cruise May 15 to May 18
      Windchime, Mon May 11 2009, 06:07PM

      Hi everyone,

      Windchime will be attending the Rear Commodores Cruise this weekend.

      If anyone wants to flotilla together, please feel free to contact me so we can arrange meeting times, passage plan, etc.

      Windchime Sailplan:

      1. Crescent Beach to Ganges Harbor
      > Saturday May 16/09
      > Cast-off Crescent Beach @ 07:00
      > Transit “Active Pass” @ 09:30 slack
      > ETArrival @ Ganges Harbor @ 12:00

      2. Ganges Harbor to Crescent Beach
      > Sunday May 17/09
      > Cast-off Ganges Harbor @ 15:30
      > Transit “Active Pass” @ 17:20 slack
      > ETArrival @ Crescent Beach @ 19:30

      3. Miscellaneous:
      > Monitor VHF channel 16
      > Alternate Port – Montague Harbor on Galiano Island
      > Safety Harbors – Gulf Islands: Sturdies Bay on Galliano Island. Mainland: White Rock, Steveston, Point Roberts USA
      > Possibly join Point Roberts members for west crossing. Meet off Point Roberts around 08:00 on Saturday May 16/09


      Re: Victoria Day Weekend Cruise May 15 to May 18
      Windchime, Thu May 14 2009, 07:08PM

      Dear all,

      Reminder: This weekend (May 15-18) is the “Rear Commodore’ s Saltspring Island” trip!

      I called the Saltpring Marina today to confirm my slip reservation, and was surprised to find out the marina was holding ten slips for us, and not one reservation had been made by any of our members.

      I have a slip reserved for Saturday … anyone else going?

      If you are planning to go this weekend please email back so we know who is going, and also call Leslie at the Saltspring Marina (250) 537-5810 as she is still holding space but it is limited.

      For those who have not been there before, there are two marinas at Ganges Harbour. Saltsping Marine is at the very end of the habor, and Ganges Marina is to port. So if you have made reservation at Ganges Marina instead of Saltspring Marina, please let us know.

      Thanks, and hope to hear back from you soon!


      Re: Victoria Day Weekend Cruise May 15 to May 18
      Mover, Thu May 14 2009, 07:47PM

      The weekend is almost here.
      I’ve had very little feedback on this cruise, so I guess it’s a surprise on who is all going!
      We will be arriving Saturday morning. Part of the fun is SAILING to your destination. I understand that we can’t all arrive by noon. It’s a very short walk to the Saturday Market which finishes at about 1500. If you arrive late, you can always tie up temporarily at the Coast Guard dock and walk right to the market (which is a one minute walk).

      After that. there is still time for a bakery/cheese factory/winery tour. We will decide this once we know numbers.

      If you are arriving earlier in the day, you may still be able to catch the start of the “Round Saltspring Island Race”, which leaves at approx 10 am.

      I propose that we monitor Channel 71 for inter-boat communications, when in the Marina.

      Lydia and I sailed in for the day last weekend, and it was very nice.

      Anyone wishing to contact me on my cell 250 360-7640

      Bring your Bocci Ball Set.


      Re: Victoria Day Weekend Cruise May 15 to May 18
      Kermie, Thu May 14 2009, 08:14PM

      Good luck to everyone going to SaltSpring and may the winds be with you. As much as I wish Gail & I could join in the fun we cannot because I have the boat up on stands and am ready to bottom paint. I have spent the last three days just prepping the hull and now I will do four coats of epoxy barrier coat then two coats of anti-fouling paint. Looks like I will be hard at work on it for the next several days. Hope to be in tthe water by May 24th. Everyone have a good time!

      Re: Victoria Day Weekend Cruise May 15 to May 18
      Windchime, Wed May 20 2009, 01:21PM

      Dear MYCBC members,

      The 2009 “Rear Commodore Cruise” in the Gulf Islands May 16-18 had a lite turn-out, but those that were there had a great time!

      Mover, Single Sailor, Windchime, and Liverpool Lou II (and guest boat) attended the event. We all enjoyed some warm dry weather compared to the Regatta two weeks earlier, we had some great food and drinks, and we made some wonderful new friends and many lasting memories.

      Some of the highlights were; seeing the last of the race fleet leaving the starting line of the “Round Salt Spring Race” in Ganges Harbor Saturday morning, taking in the Salt Spring Island Saturday Market, a few members cleaned up at the world famous “Legion Meat-Draw”, and the weekend was capped off with an amazing Crab-Feast aboard Mover while rafted-up in Montague Harbor.

      We hope to see everyone at the next event, which is the MacRendezvous at Snug Cove on Bowen Island, June 26-28.

      Also; a reminder that the planning meeting for the Rendezvous is this coming Friday, May 22, starting at 18:30 at the regular meeting place ABC Restaurant in Surrey, 15373 Fraser Hwy Surrey, 604- 583-9228

      Until then, Sail Safe … and leave only wake.

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