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      Vancouver Island members
      , Sun Sep 24 2006, 11:17AM

      We bought our McGregor M sailboat about a year ago and we love it!
      > There is still much to learn and we are keen to be in touch with
      > other MCG. owners and share ideas. We would like to know more about
      > the club and if there are any club activities based on the island.
      > We live at Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island.
      > We look forward to hearing from you
      > Carolyn and Denis McDonald (Tamarindo)

      Re: Vancouver Island members
      rworthy, Thu Sep 28 2006, 11:55AM

      Welcome to the club (see I already sign you in, now you only have to pay feessmile.png).
      Unfortunately we are approaching end of the season. Some of us, but not me cry.png might be sailing on long weekend. But there will be plenty of opportunity to meet next year on the water. Club do not have any office or fixed location. We meet at the members’ homes when we need. During the season we organize many events, starting with Mac Gregor race in May(Blain USA), Mac Rendezvous in June (Bowen Island) and than sailing weekends and sometimes just joining each other on week cruise with larger or smaller groups as members can join in. These are anywhere from San Juan’s – Golf Islands and on Vancouver Island. We end up with September long weekend on Sucia on San Juan’s as our traditionally last organized cruise and than with dinner sometimes in December, just to wish each other one more good year on the water
      Please lurk on the website and you will see advertisement for the wind up dinner. You are welcome to join us, meet the people and get more information about the club. You can also e-mail me or commodore and we will try to answer your questions.


      PS sometimes you just need to invite us to drop our anchors in Cowichan Bay and you will be surprised how many will not be able to resist that invitation.

      Re: Vancouver Island members
      Roger, Fri May 18 2007, 10:55PM

      Since the club name is mycBC, I think a Vancouver Island Chapter would be a great idea. This has been brought up before, but nothing came of it. Like any club, it’s only as good as its volunteers. I have contact info for a number of Vancouver Island Mac sailors. Drop me a line and maybe we can get a plan together.

      Re: Vancouver Island members
      Liverpool Lou II, Thu May 24 2007, 10:06AM

      Hi guys, (can I say islanders).
      Organizing Vancouver Island Chapter is idea worth consideration, but again it is a club decision. For a beginning you should come to Mac Rendezvous on Bowen Island on June 22-24, and we can discuss it. Please note that you have to reserve your spot at the Union Steamship Marina . Club dues for the event are $25.00 and include wine and cheese party on Friday night. We also get a tower for Friday party and Saturday potluck dinner, as well as for traditional commodore’s pancake breakfast (I am not sure about my cooking this year, I successfully burned water couple of times, good news is bacon was good last year). You can pay using paypal, link is on the main page.

      I hope I will see you there,

      MYCBC Commodore

      Re: Vancouver Island members
      NautiMoments, Thu Jun 14 2007, 08:20PM

      To the Vancouver Island folks, it would be great to have some combined activities with organization on both sides, hope to see some of you at the McRendezvous on Bowen Island

      Re: Vancouver Island members
      saynomore, Tue Feb 12 2008, 08:05PM

      Carol and Dennis,
      One of my mandates as Commodore is to find members who want to start up a club on the Island, I am in contact with one member who I hope will take on the challenge as Rear Commodore and establish the club.

      If you know of anyone who might be up to the challenge or who want a club on the Island. please contact me.

      This years boat show indicated a strong interest for the club to expand on the island and the Okanagan

      Commodore MYCBC

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