Van-Vic Cruise

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      Van-Vic Cruise
      saynomore, Tue Mar 11 2008, 10:58PM

      I need to know (1) If members will join in this cruise. (2) Which option you prefer. (3) Share your thoughts.

      From Zoran:
      I looked at currents and tried to plan for 4 days to get to Victoria harbour and be there before 4:00 pm as Commodore wanted. Both include starting on Friday afternoon, back in Vancouver Monday afternoon, night sailing first day (through Active Pass), and both include early start from South Pender in order to beat currents around light house.
      First one:
      May 16th
      Start from Vancouver at 4:00 pm (Vanier Park tides over 10′ at 3:00 pm) – no fuel before we get to Victoria, less than half moon this night.
      slack at Active 10:00 pm (approximately 32 nautical miles from Vanier to Active, I figure that 6 hours should be enough even for classics.
      ETA at south Pender, anchor approximately 1:00 am
      May 17th,
      Early start from anchorage at 5:00 am
      current with us, 23 nautical miles to light house
      ETA Victoria Harbour – by Empress 11:00 am
      later start will make it impossible to pass lighthouse for me or for classics
      May 18th
      Leave Victoria at 11:00 am (refuel prior to departure) current with us
      sleepover on Saturna (ETA 7:00 pm)
      May 19
      Departure from Saturna 9:30 am, slack on Active pass 11:02
      sail with currents to Vancouver ETA 5:00 pm
      Second option:
      June 13, no refuelling before Victoria, more than half moon this night
      Start around 3:00 pm – slack on Active is at 8:46,
      ETA at South Pender around midnight
      June 14,
      early start latest 4:00 am to beat the currents ETA at Victoria harbour around 10:00 am
      June 15,
      departure from Victoria at 9:00 am
      Sail with currents as far as possible (anyone anchored at Village Bay on Maine or Georgeson Bay on Galliano depending on winds) ETA before 5:00 PM
      June 16, sail out at 10:00 am (slack) and with the currents to Vancouver ETA around 4:00 pm
      For both of these plans boats from Point Roberts can join on South Pender and they can start later since Active is closer to them.
      Steve, tell me what you think and if you want I can look later in the summer if we can have some other openings. It appears to me that from Vancouver to Victoria 4 days is not enough time and it will be very little rest and usually a lot of powering as we have to be on tight spots on specific times. Maybe e should organize week trip to south golf islands and Victoria. Your thoughts ladies and gentlemen/.

      From Steve:
      I remember you telling me it would be a tight venture, and being French I like tight. My first thought is if we made a Thursday departure, this would give us either a day for the Admirals to shop in Victoria, or a day of fun on Saturna checking out the winery.
      Your thoughts,

      From Zoran:
      Yeah, starting from Vancouver is hard. It is approximately 72 nautical miles from Vanier Park to Victoria and we have 2 areas where we really have to watch for currents. So yes it is 2 days travel one way for guys with small engine like me and for classics (unless we are sailing when we will just look in their stern for a short time before they are gone) . From my previous experiences in sailing to chosen destination wind is usually against you and currents are too if you do not plan in advance. So we can count on motoring mostly, I did left time for sailing in both direction if the winds are with us.
      Departure from Vancouver on Thursday or returning on Tuesday will be better option but I am not sure how many people will sign for that. Steve, maybe you can post this on the website and see if there is interest before we explore the possibilities, Realisticaly I am not sure that there will be many that will sail through Active Pass at midnight (besides myself). If we want to go through Active in the middle of the day we can do it but it will be tough to get in Victoria before 4:00 pm. So, not an easy task for a group, for a bit crazy individuals like me no sweat.

      Please members your comments, do we have a cruise???!!!

      Commodore, MYCBC

      Re: Van-Vic Cruise
      NautiMoments, Thu Mar 13 2008, 06:43PM

      would it help if some were able to launch from Blaine or Crescent Beach??

      Re: Van-Vic Cruise
      saynomore, Fri Mar 14 2008, 06:18AM

      Many members may have to launch from different vantage points and meet up before we go through active pass or for Island members meet us on the other side of the pass or at Zoran’s ankor location on Sout Pender.

      Re: Van-Vic Cruise
      saynomore, Fri Mar 14 2008, 06:22AM

      It would be nice to have a “fleet of Mac’s” show up infront of Victoria’s Parlement building & the Empress. That would be a picture perfect photo Op for the club.

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