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      Use and storage of Inflatable Dinghy
      , Thu May 08 2008, 10:19PM

      My wiife and I have just purchased a 2002 26X from a man in Parksville. We live in Campbell River and Frances II is now at her moorage in Pacific Playgrounds just south of Campbell River. Other than cleaning and storing we haven’t had a chance to venture out to sea yet but are hoping to do so this weekend. Hopefully it will warm up a bit by then. Although a 30 year veteran of the Canadian Navy as a seaman officer I have little experience in small boats. Boat handling with the 50 hp Honda will be a major challenge but I have friends in our local power squadron willing to take the time to teach me.

      I also bought a 7.5 ft inflatable dinghy, still sitting in its box in my garage. Once inflated, how is the best/easiest way to bring the dinghy on board for storage up for’d. Or do most people tow it behind?
      I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

      Re: Use and storage of Inflatable Dinghy
      Andrew & Suzanne, Fri May 09 2008, 06:53PM

      I just tow mine behind the boat, but only take i if we will be using it. When were at the dock it fits up on the bow upside down. It is a little work to get it up on the deck but I do it to avoid the growth on the bottom.

      Re: Use and storage of Inflatable Dinghy
      saynomore, Mon May 12 2008, 06:33PM

      Dear Ed, I’m “in the same dinghy”, I was told by one of the members the dinghy can be placed on the forward deck and it is not in your way if you have a furler, it can be towed, or like mine comes with a pump and can be rolled and stowed in the lower berth behind/next to the sink.
      Commodor e, MYCBC

      Re: Use and storage of Inflatable Dinghy
      , Thu Sep 11 2008, 03:39AM

      I made a cradle on the rear mast carrier for a 7 foot dinghy ! I tow once in the Islands!
      Can post pics if interested !

      Re: Use and storage of Inflatable Dinghy
      singlesailor, Sat Sep 13 2008, 10:08PM

      Mar de Cal. Photos of your dinghy craddle would be of interest to many of us. I carry mine rolled up on the bow but it would be a real hasstle to inflate away from the dock. Towing is OK but can be a nuisance at times. When motoring the miles per gallon drops considerably. When docking, it is always in the way. Tow ropes seem to have a natural attraction to propellers. A cradle off the stern seems like a good idea.

      Re: Use and storage of Inflatable Dinghy
      , Mon Sep 29 2008, 04:19AM

      Hola I bought a kayak wall cradle kit model 8535957 from West Marine page 870 2008 catalog , and attached them to the rear mast carrier. I use roller at the top to hoist the 35lb.hypalon Achilles infaltable up onto the cradle . Not the greatest when docking in high winds , but can be lowered in a flash for emergencies > Added rail mount outboard carrier model 519884 page 649 ,to curved S/S tubing connected from rear stanchions to mast carrier > Pics up soon ! ciao Cal Be SafE!

      Re: Use and storage of Inflatable Dinghy
      NautiMoments, Tue Sep 30 2008, 06:58PM

      When we put the dinghy on the deck we used the forward halyard to winch it up on deck and to let it down into the water. It worked really well! We sailed with it on deck most of the time and would tow once we were in the islands and moving from one achorage to another.

      Re: Use and storage of Inflatable Dinghy
      singlesailor, Fri Feb 13 2009, 10:13PM

      Ed. Did you get any feedback on the X5 auto pilot. I am picking one up tomorrow. West Marine had best price before boat show and I could not find a better deal at the show. Does anyone know the hub size of the steering wheel on my X. My son has a spare slightly larger wheel but don’t know if it will fit. Apparently a larger wheel gives a little more finger room when the disk is installed on the back side. Any tips on installation will be appreciated.
      Larry (the Single Sail er.)

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