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    Rick Thompson

      I’m looking for recommendations for tools to include in my ONBOARD TOOLKIT. These should not include general maintenance tools. Just include tools that would be required to make repairs on the water.
      In my experience, I have only had to do the following away from home or the marina.
      1. Replace damaged prop
      2. Change Water Pump
      3. Repair damaged daggerboard – Duct tape
      4. Repair fuel line air leak- wrenches & teflon thread tape
      The following is my list of must have tools
      Box wrenches – 3/8 – 9/16
      Adjustable wrench 1-1/4″ jaw
      Vice grips
      Channel lock pliers
      needle nose pliers
      wire cutter
      SAE hex wrenches
      Multi driver with Phillips and Robertson 1,2,3 & flat
      Large flat blade screw driver/pry bar
      3/8 socket set & driver (3/8 – 9/16)
      1-1/16 socket for prop nut (3/8 drive)
      hacksaw blade /handle

      SS seizing wire
      electrical tape
      Rescue tape (self sticking urethane tape)
      4″ Flex Seal Tape (waterproof)
      zip ties
      electrolytic grease
      silicon sealer tube
      teflon thread seal tape

      The goal is a MINIMALIST TOOLKIT ! I think spare parts should be another topic.
      Please suggest any additional tools and why you would include them.

      Kelvin Dueck

        Maybe a hammer? Although, technically every tool is a hammer.
        I might also include an Exacto knife for cutting a length of rope, if necessary (although a good pair of scissors would work, and might be a better multi-tasker).

        And, some type of lamp (like a headlamp or battery-powered trouble lamp). Murphy’s law suggests that most repairs will take place at night. In the rain.

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        Rick & Sue

          Add DC clamp meter to test electrical connections

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