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    Steve & Cathy

      After Ricks presentation on trailers. I want to assist those who are seeking trailer repairs.
      I have been searching for service for a while getting quotes of up to $5000 on framework welding.
      But persistence paid off1.
      KDM on 3 – 993 Coutts way Abbotsford (right after costco as you head into sumac border crossing when lane drops from 2 to 1.
      Jesse 1 604 308 3721,
      My boat requires cross membrane replacement, bunks metal replacement, guide post, fender frame brace welding, upgrade on electrical, and for road safety they check your wheel bearing check and service. they will also inspect the brakes.
      The quote was $2000 up to $2200 as a buffer for parts and misc.
      What they wont do is replace the bunk boards or carpet, but holes will be drilled and ready for new bolts and bunks.

      #2 Canadian Truck and Trailes, 5733 198st Langley.
      Brian quoted $2300 plus parts with a could be less. But I had to wait a week (7 days) before I could bring in the trailer.
      Brian 1-604-533-5005

      Both locations have a lull right now and they can handle boat trailers, at the end of April RV’s and Horse trailers will fill the lot and work orders.

      The only thing that can slow down turn around time if heavy rigs from hwy breakdown get delivered, they are priority.

      I will update this post when I get my trailer back with complete breakdown.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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