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    Its time to change out the batteries. been doing lots of reading on the subject but I am really looking for advice from ppl here, and what they have done. the last owner did some funky rewiring so have my job cut out for me to get it all back to stock. thanks

    Rick & SueRick & Sue

    Hi Dane, welcome to the club. You need to explain what you need your batteries for. Obviously to start the engine but what else?


    the boat is mostly stock at this moment save for the basic necessities. car stereo, chart plotter. radio. no fancy lighting yet. 50hp Honda. I’m thinking of going with 2 deep cell batteries. the Honda does not draw much on start up and matching batteries are easier for charging. not sure the size or make I should go with though?


    I’m also thinking of getting a combiner to keep the batteries charged any advice?

    Alan & Belinda

    When I redo mine I think I will go with a single bank of 2 6v golf cart batteries. Really don’t need a dedicated starting bank. Carry a small booster pack just in case


    interesting Cenote I have not heard of that idea yet what are the advantages?

    Alan & Belinda

    Check out macgregorsailors.com Many threads on the topic

    Darren and LornaDarren and Lorna

    We have a Yandina Combiner, two golf cart batteries for the house bank and a dedicated starting battery on Windspiration (also carry a jump start pack usually) and it has been great. Even with the fridge running we can go for about 3 days before the house bank gets to 50% which is the lowest you should take it.


    thanks Windspiration. I’m hoping to be at the dinner on Friday so maybe I can ask you more about it then.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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