Sushswap lake

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      Sushswap lake
      saynomore, Thu Mar 20 2008, 07:05PM

      Spoke to a young lad today that has lived all his life in and on the Sushswaps.
      Once you leave the south shores, we are talking wilderness. The shwaps not known for its fishing, but kokanees can be caught early am or late pm, White lake is where you go for fishing or the Adams. Sailing winds will show up mid morning and carry you till late afternoon anything in between we are on motors. One can put in at Chase or in that area and sail around to Salmon Arm or Sicamous. For the more adventurous with time on your hands and a zest for the wilderness head further up with over 1000 miles of coastline around the lake. Water is cold, he said he was to skinny to enjoy the frigid water, but many bath in its waters all summer long. This would be classified as a scenic-wilderness adventure.

      Re: Sushswap lake
      Dee Seas, Wed Mar 26 2008, 08:12AM

      I’ve been to Shuswap a couple of times, fishing can be good but you need a special tag to fish on that lake plus your 2 day limit of rainbow trout is 1. (yearly is 5) Tough regs. Anchoring is very poor as ground is rocky and the shore drops off very quickly. There is some anchoring at the top of the north east arm (the lake is shaped like a big H on a 45 deg.) in Mud Bay, I think that’s the name. There is some dock space in the center of the H that joins the two arms, it’s free but can be very crowded in the summer months. Winds can be good but swirly ( is that a word?) like most lakes, and during the summer you have to deal with 1000 houseboats driven by people with little or no seamanship skills (a 45 min lesson before they leave the dock and start drinking) so the attitude is mostly the biggest boat has the rightaway sail or no sail. June or Sept. the best times to avoid this.

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