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    Kelvin Dueck

      First, thanks for the warm welcome at tonight’s MYCBC meeting. I really appreciated it!

      I’ve owned my Mac 26X for around 3 weeks now, and I have a bunch of questions. I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following:

      1. Can anyone recommend a good marine mechanic in the Maple Ridge/Tri-Cities area who specializes in Evinrude motors? My Mac came with a 1999 4-stroke 15 HP Evinrude that isn’t running. The problem is no spark. The issue appears to be before the ignition coil, but that’s the limit of my diagnostic skill.

      2. I’m having trouble figuring out how to install the genoa sail into the CDI furler. There is a line that runs for a full loop inside and outside of the furler, and I’m not sure what it’s for. Does anyone out there have a manual with pictures, or perhaps know of a YouTube video?

      3. What recommendations do you have for the guide posts of the trailer? They seem a tad on the low side. Is simply sliding some PVC pipe over the guide posts a good solution?

      4. Does anyone have any procedural advice for using mast-raising system with furler attached? My boat has the original mast-raising system. Is it worth switching over to the newer version offered by Blue Water Yachts?

      5. What is the best method for lashing the roller furler for trailering?

      6. I have no access to storage where I live, so I’m looking for a place to store the boat and trailer. I’ve been scouring Craigslist, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a spot in the Maple Ridge area that stores trailers on their property for cheap-ish.

      Any help with the above questions would be appreciated.

      Thanks for your help!



        If you Google “macgregor 26x mast raising system furler” you’ll find many items including a youtube video.

        I store my Mac 19/trailer at a local used car lot that leases out some of their extra space. My outboard mechanic also offers storage on his lot. Sometimes these smaller businesses do double duty and yet offer secure storage at a reduced cost.

        I’m sure the other 26 owners will have good advice on the other issues. Happy sailing!

        Alan & Belinda

          Here is a link to the CDI manual CDI FF2

          If you have the gin pole, just convert it to new style raising system by getting the proper brake winch . Also available from BWY. Brake Winch

          I tie the furler along the mast for travel. I made a support from ABS pipe for the couple feet that extend forward of the bow, as well as a support that goes in the mast base fitting and supports the mast so it doesn’t bounce

          My guides are short. They seem to work fine. Last time loading I tried the trick of using a rope from the rear guides to the winch post on the trailer. Really did help guide it in on the trailer.

          Welcome aboard.

          Rick & Sue

            Hi Kelvin, can’t help with motor stuff and Gemini is an M but you should wander down the road and we can compare furler, mast raising, trailering and talk about a place to park your trailer.

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