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      Snug Cove MacRendezvous from Pt Roberts
      Kermie, Mon May 26 2008, 11:50AM

      Is anyone from Point Roberts Marina planning on boating up to Bowen Island from Point Roberts?
      Weather has not been too stable for any length of time lately so some may plan on hauling out and trailering or just driving over boatless given the time span for the trip- an option we are contemplating.
      If some are planning to sail up, perhaps you could anounce it here so that we could plan a group sail up there on the Friday or Saturday. Something to think about.
      Also be sure and spread the word to other owners that a Rendezvous at Snug Cove is in the works. I have mentioned it to the new owners of ‘Katerina’ they just bought it a week ago, (’05 Blue M) they may join us if there is a group cruising to Snug.

      Re: Snug Cove MacRendezvous from Pt Roberts
      Liverpool Lou II, Wed May 28 2008, 06:52PM

      Usual schedule for Mac Rendezvous is to have wine and cheese party on Friday night, spend a day in Marina on Saturday and try to set some activities, (hopefully winds will be with us and we will be able to do man overboard practises). Saturday night is potluck dinner and on Sunday morning we have traditional commodore’s breakfast. Maybe I am stretching the rules here because some will say it is past commodore’s breakfast, but from the bottom of my heart I want you all good and healthy, therefore recommendation is clear. Zoran do not suppose to cook. I believe we have to leave marina by noon on Sunday.

      For all of you coming from Point Roberts, try to be there on Friday night if you can and if you cannot, than we will see you all on Saturday.

      Maybe we can see show of hands here who is coming, I know I am.

      Re: Snug Cove MacRendezvous from Pt Roberts
      Windchime, Fri May 30 2008, 02:45PM

      Leisa and I have a slip booked and want to attend but cannot decide how to get there. We are rigged on the trailer at Crescent Beach, but that’s about a 4+ hour trip to Snug Cove. A long way for an over-nighter for us, as we enjoy the time at the destination as much as the travel time on the water.

      It may make it fun and worth the time if others are going from Point Roberts on Saturday morning, but we are considering tailering to Vainer Park Saturday morning. I checked the tides, and as we like to launch/retrieve in no less than about 5 feet, it looks like we need to be; wet “before 1130 on Saturday”, and then back on the trailer “before noon, or after 1600 on Sunday”. (although we did launch from Vanier in 1.5′ before, but we do not want to repeat that event as Zoran can attest to, because he just happened by and helped out).

      Our sailing rules are generally;
      1. do not leave before the sun is up.
      2. be tied up before the sun goes down.
      3. and, do not leave if the sun is behind too many clouds and there is no hope in hell of ever seeing the sun during the trip.

      Re: Snug Cove MacRendezvous from Pt Roberts
      Mover, Sat May 31 2008, 05:12PM

      We are planing to leave Gabriola on Friday for the Bowen I. Rendezvous.
      For those leaving from Pt. Roberts there is a nice flood tide from 1:00PM to about 9:00PM, on Friday. (if travelling on Sat. you will be fighting an ebb until 14:00, sorry)
      On Sunday morning there is an ebb all the way to about 3:00PM. (use Current Atlas charts 23 thru 29) Should be a nice (8 knots) sail home!
      Peter and Lydia

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