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      Securing motor
      Niall, Sat Sep 21 2013, 11:27AM

      Hello everyone,
      After being an unoffical salesman of the Macgregor for 10 years, we finally bought an M26 2008 thus realising I know half as much about it as I think did.
      I hope to meet everyone soon at the MYCBC events but in the meantime would appreciate a little advice.
      We have a Suzuki 70 horse outboard but would like to know the best way to secure it for trailering (short distances initially).
      My other problem is after getting it in the water this week, the brand new right hand trailer lights gradually ceased working on all functions. I have a flat four pin on the truck and flat 5 pin on the trailer so I’m not sure if thats an issue.
      Thanks for the help,

      Re: Securing motor
      Gemini, Sat Sep 21 2013, 06:40PM

      Hi Niall,
      Welcome to the Macgregor lifestyle and MYCBC. We have trailered our 2010 26M with 70 Suzuki with no problem. I have not done anything extra to secure it. The extra pin on your trailer lights is the disconnect for your trailer brakes when you back up. It should be connected to your vehicle back up lights to lock out the brakes when you back up. The lights not working is a separate issue. check connections in the connector and also the ground connections for the lights on the trailer as they tend to corrode quickly.

      Re: Securing motor
      Windchime, Sun Sep 22 2013, 08:48AM

      Welcome aboard Niall,

      Since the factory trailers do not extend to the stern of the boat there is no way to put an engine support from the engine leg down to the trailer, because of this there is stress on the transom but does not seem to cause any damage on our boats.

      As a side note; because the trailer does not go all the way to the back of the boat there are no stern tie down straps either, so it is important to have a tie down strap that goes from one side of the trailer over the cockpit and secured to the other side of the trailer.

      I don’t think our lights have ever worked for more than two trips in a row. I’m always screwing around with them, even after being re-wired by the shop.


      Re: Securing motor
      Kermie, Sun Sep 22 2013, 10:36AM

      Trailer lights not working is usually a ground problem. I ran a seperate wire directly from the white ground wire on the harness to the frame of my truck/tow vehicle to ensure a proper ground. I find that relying on the ball hitch for ground connection is too flakey, rust and corrosion tend to interfere so a direct connection became my solution. Works now.

      As for securing the boat stern to the trailer, I run a nylon strap/hook from the aft stern cleat on the combing down to the last bar on the trailer (both sides) to keep the boat stern from shifting around, works fine.

      Re: Securing motor
      Niall, Sun Sep 22 2013, 12:08PM

      Thanks for the advice guys.
      It was indeed a grounding problem on the trailer light so we’ll see how long the clean up lasts.
      I’ll also make sure I use a bellystrap and maybe just disconnect the motor from the steering when trailering.
      Next issue is re-locating to the Bahamas.
      Dream on!

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