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      Scuttlebutt: Okanagan Lake
      saynomore, Fri Jul 25 2008, 02:28PM

      Report on Ogopogo’s Lake

      We started from Penticton, docked in Trout Lake, and sail/cruised all the way up to Peachland on both sides.

      One thing before we start, get you Chart of Okanagan Lake here locally, have your chandelier order it in for you, has I couldn’t find anyone one with a chart out there.

      Winds in the morning vary from calm to fair and will die down about 10am. You can find a breeze here and there and keep sailing at 1 to 1.5knots all afternoon. Which is nice if you have fine wine and enjoy following the shoreline, taking in the scenery.
      At about 4pm each day the winds picked up, now they say these have been the strongest winds they have seen in many decades. You will find yourself sailing at 5 – 7 Knots then all of a sudden a strong blow will have you healed at greater that 45 degrees, then life is in slow motion, your speed had dropped and you are just hanging there. I furled in my Genoa and with the main only healed to greater than 45 degrees. Shorten the Main and kept the healing to 35 degrees. When the crew had enough, main down and motor’up.

      The nights, because of these strong winds the nights where rough… not typical. I went through two complete set of shore lines just shredded tyed down at the doc’s. One afternoon while wine touring I got a call that the boat had broken loose, the cottagers, reacted quickly and secured the boat with new lines for me. Inside the boat you can sleep, but until your eyes are shut you know you are been bounced around. The night will be filled with pounding noises till about 2 to 3 am. If anchoring go find cover in bays or coves that protect you from Northerly winds. You will enjoy a much calmer nights sleep,

      So with no map, I got the Sun Cruiser guide from the tourism office its small version charts (not to be used for navigation) gave me a ball park idea of what I was dealing with on the lake and local knowledge was helpful. Basicall the West shorline from Westbank to Penticton when you hit 24′ of water slow down, bring up your centerboard and keep your eyes on your depth as it changes quickly. We scrached and chipped the rudder a few times. The Eastern shoreline from Penticton to Mission is more primitive, with lots of camping spots isolated along the way to stop for a picnic or strech your legs. Fishing is doeable to supplement your food rations. and the eastern shorline you can cruise closer to the shore once past Naramata.

      The water in the center of the Lake varied between 18 to 20 degrees and on the beachy shores up to 24degrees. So swimming was anytime you needed a dip.
      With the high heat of the day… it will be often. Put this boat in irons and giddy-up “make room for me Ogopogo”. If you are into diving there is many places to explore around the lake.

      Club life, I will attach info on Yacht Clubs. Have your membership card handy and you become family. Those clubs that do not have visitor berths and can’t create one for you will tell you where to anchor or where you can secure moorage.

      Reminder if we do a major club event bring extra burgees for the burgee exchange. Things we learn along the way! This means membership fees are going up

      No one caters to the wine industry right now, but I will be intouch with the yacht clubs and work out options for a club event. As the wine in the region is worth it and a great substitute for ballast (joke)! I bought too much wine again… then again I have a reason to go back to work now! Beside I have to head back int he fall to complete my Naramata tour… the reds of this region are great this year. We covered Summerland, Okanagan falls, and Oliver found some great reds, good gwertz! Call me if you want my recommendation in wineries.

      Sailing the Okanagan is fun as you can break up your days between gunkholing or pulling into a marina/Yacht club. The small villages like Peachland, Naramata, Summerland have much to offer and Penticton can keep you busy. Chandeliers are had to find so in Pentiction I went into Home Hardware bought a peice of 3/4″ electrica conduit and made a temporary spreader, carved out an end plug out of wood that looked like an old clothes pin that I could fit my shroud in and then tap it in the conduit… creative or what!

      Yacht Clubs: (w) washroom, (s) showers, (l) boat launch, (m) visitor moorage “spaces”, (p) pump out, (b) bar, (k) kitchen, (f) fuel, (o) members only club.

      Penticton YC: 492-2853 w, s, l, o, m3
      Summerland YC: 492-8312 m3, g, p, g, b, k.
      Naramata YC: 496-5608. m1 #25, o. l $15.
      Peachland YC: 767-6213, m2, o, w.
      Pentowna Marina Peachland: g, marine supplies
      Westbank YC: 768-5472, m1, w, o.
      ShelterBay Marina Westbank: m, g, p, l, w.
      Kelowna YC: 762-3310 power, w, s, o
      visitor docking on both sides of KYC with restaurants and stores
      On your way to Vernon,
      Blue Heron Waterfront pub and Restaurant: m.
      Vernon YC 545-5518 o, power, w, p.
      Newpot beach Marina Vernon: f, store.

      PS. bring alot of sunblock lotion. Bring shorts and sweaters for evenings on the water.

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