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      Scuttlebutt: Harrison Lake in April
      saynomore, Sun Apr 13 2008, 09:05PM

      Well like a trooper we were at the Lake by 9am. The city launch charged us $16 to launch. the nice thing about April there was no waiting line of boat to be put in. So off we went, with a nothern heading and wind on our stern we “Winged it” once past the island we started having fun and tacking back and forth. Using the roller furler for the first time was fun and made the start of my day easy. Back on the water, our wing to wing haul speed varied from 1.5 to 5knots averaging 3.7knots wich is nice when it is lunch time, just enjo, the moment while you much on lumberjack sandwiches. Harrison has much to offer and I could easly spend a week or more exploring all the nook and crannies. Everytime we heard waterfall from mid lake we hauled in closer to shore to view the beauty of the moment. Late afternoon (4PM) strong winds came in with weather so we ducked behind a small island took down the sails and got the boat ready for the haul out once we make it back. We covered maybe half of the lake, so much is left to explore with you all.
      For the cruising committy Harrison will not disappoint the members. The cost to launch may upset a few and summer or late summer may be very busy. But once over that hurdle you have one be lake to keep you happy. We were out of the water and on the road home by 6:30

      Re: Scuttlebutt: Harrison Lake in April
      wander’n star, Mon Apr 28 2008, 06:09PM

      There is a bay on Long Island worth stopping at,
      with two docks. This is/was a BC Forest campsite.
      It is now maintained by the Valley Power Squardron and Harrison Yacht Club.
      You can go there and dock for free.

      The launch fee for the season is $105.00.


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