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      Scuttlebutt: April on the Arm
      saynomore, Mon Apr 07 2008, 11:08AM

      Bonjour Mac’s,
      While most of you where diligently on the time card last Thursday, SAYNOMRE was making her way from Reed Point Marina to the Arm. It is nice to know that we have all this wilderness at our doorsteps. My friend flew in from Calgary and wanted to get a feel for sailing. So why not Indian Arm! As we entered crossing between Boulder I. and HamberI. we had to maneouver around logs and debri, and a couple of seals. Then we rounded Jug I. and Charles Reef and into Bedwell bay again more seals, and time to practive ankoring in still waters.Then we had our heading on Twin Islands at wich point we crossed over to Brightn Beach on the west side. Here the Arm is wide open with nice sailing winds. We kept to the west coastline past Orlohma beach, Best Point, Coldwell beach to Siver Falls. Here we spent much time carefully poking SAYNOMORE’s nose into the falls, there is a rock ledge that will allow to get to the edge, here you will observe the falls drop pool and get sprayed cold water on your face till you decide you had enough and move on. The area was full of prawn traps at about 250′. We checked out the leading conveyor as an oppportunity to ankor and tie down in the summer. We maintained the coast edge to Berg Beach, west on the forefron of Crokers I. great little picnic area and with hiking trails.
      We then moved on to Clementine Creek, where the Burrard Yacht club have an outpost dock and park. As no one and I mean no one was about, we tied down and went below for a spot of tea and something warmer. We pocked our heads out to watch a helicopter hover under the power lines as a two man crew worked about, they made their way back to Granite falls where the chopper beached itself to pick up the two men. We reflected on the opportunity for watercolor or sketching or photography as much of these cliffs offered opportunity for wilderness art.
      From there we rounded the end of the arm and visited Granite falls and all her beauty.
      At this point we got a call that had us boogy back to Prot Moody, haul speed on the Arm was about 5knots till we rounded Hamber I. where we clipped away at 11knots back into Reed Point.

      Anytime we want to plan a picnic, sleep over with some fine wine, a day on the beach, fishing, prawning, crabbing, photograph y, or lazy days with a book basking on an ankor the Arm offers all this and more.


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