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    Alan & Belinda

      Has anyone had a look at the SailTimer wind Instrument?
      Its seems like the perfect fit for a trailerable sailboat and it works with the rotating mast too. Wind Instruments typically cost a lot of money as well, this one is much more budget friendly. It also has some cool features including an optimal tacks feature. If your interested in improving your sailing or simply knowing more about what the wind is doing around you, this might be for you.

      I reached out to the company to see if we could get some sort of a discount for the club. They have offered about $45 off if we can get at least 5 people to participate, free shipping if we get 10. I’ve included their response below.
      Let me know your thoughts


      Hi Alan, Thanks for reaching out. That is an interesting question. We just had a promotion like this in our newsletter last week (, which I guess you saw. Using the same logic, we could offer a group price of $425 US (approx. $540 Cdn). That is excellent value for a masthead anemometer, especially with leading features and innovations.

      It is tricky to know what would be an acceptable minimum too far in the future because our inventory and orders change a lot in the spring. But if you were able to get the message out this month(?), 5 or 6 orders would be sufficient to get the group price during February. If you got a couple quick responses this week, we could even include them with the group pricing from the newsletter promotion, which is still being shipped out this week and next. If you could get 10+ orders from members this month, we would also provide free shipping.

      If you have any comments or need to adjust this, just email back as any questions come up. The basic process is for each member to order here:, then we put the $45 rebate back onto their credit card within 24 hours. We’ll also need an email to tell us your members who are ordering, so that we know to provide the rebate to them.

      We ship by FedEx Ground in Canada. Their shipping rates have been going up because of the pandemic, and are now $26.87 US. But that should be less than mailing the box with Canada Post (and a lot faster). When the package goes out, each of your members would receive an email with the FedEx tracking number. We can ship direct to each member.

      This wireless Wind Instrument is definitely a great fit with MacGregors and Tattoos. It can be removed from the masthead in seconds on a boat ramp. Also, it works great with lots of apps on Android and iOS ( including the free SailTimer app which supports Navionics charts (

      Because the SailTimer Wind Instrument can connect to a smartphone, that also means that it can have an internet connection. That means that your members would have the option of sharing/replaying their GPS track and wind conditions (as shown in one of the attachments below), which may be helpful with your club’s cruises.

      We are in the process of rolling out some new features for marine weather based on crowdsourced data from Wind Instrument users. If you are familiar with SonarCharts from Navionics, they use crowdsourced data from depthsounders to improve the hydrographic sounding that governments do (which tend to be very old and low-resolution). Our wind data does something similar for marine weather. Wind forecasts and marine weather are based on satellite imagery not on actual measurements. So our crowdsourcing greatly improves the resolution of marine weather wind maps. The last attachment below gives an example of this new generation of marine weather, based on measurements by users. With a Wind Instrument you can measure wind at your boat — but it is also useful to know what the wind is like a mile ahead. This crowdsourced data shows how the wind flows around landforms. More on this in the coming months.

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