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      Sailing Kootenay Lake
      , Fri Jan 23 2009, 06:24PM

      Has anyone sailed or have knowledge of sailing Kootenay Lake. I am thinking of putting in at the South end at Kuskonook, sail to Pilot Bay, Ainsworth Hotsprings, Kaslo and maybe Nelson. I understand it can start blowing with little warning, but overall is not a bad sail.


      Re: Sailing Kootenay Lake
      Jim, Thu Jan 29 2009, 11:39AM

      Hi Trev

      I am a novice sailor but have had my 26D on Kootenay lake for 4 days last summer and used if to fish the fall derby – aux. power only. I camped in pilot bay and enjoyed it very much. It is the most shelterd mooring spot on the lake and well maintained. It is also used heavily in peak periods. Berths are available at marinas along the lake for 20 dollars or so a night with wahroom priveleges etc.. The lake is noted for sudden changes in weather but you can usually get enough warning. AFriend who has sailed there for years has been knocked down twice by squals which just gave hime time to hang on. The big problem is distance between the few protected spots as the shore is steep and rocky in most places. In most places the water is 300 to 400 feet and drops abruptly off the shore making anchring difficult except for the bays. At the marina by jones boys boats there is 70 feet of depth while tied to the dock.

      The country is beautiful and I hope to spend time there this summer. take care and enjoy.

      There is a music festival in kaslo in the summer on a floating stage and you can listen from the boat. Worth checking out.


      Re: Sailing Kootenay Lake
      , Wed Feb 04 2009, 07:14PM

      Thanks Jim, I am a bit concerned with the squals, however it does sound nice, I was planning on anchoring in Pilot Bay. The music festival sounds intersting as well.

      Re: Sailing Kootenay Lake
      Jim, Fri Feb 13 2009, 10:08AM

      Hi trev

      It is beautiful and the squalls deserve respect but they are like other mountain lakes. There is no place to go ashore sometimes but our boats are pretty seaworthy. The sailing in Crawford bay is good with a breeze when the main lake is calm and a couple of marinas to tie up at. Lots of facilities in the arm towards nelson as well but a substantial current in places so it is usually nesessary to go on power out to the main lake. Where are you sailing now. I am in Cranbrook


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