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      We are planning a trip to the San Juan’s and down into Puget Sound. Normally we stock the both with all kinds of dried food, de-hydrated, decanted from original packages (nuts, almonds, rice, oatmeal). From what we have read the US has restrictions on what can be brought in. I can understand the restrictions on fresh produce. We are wondering if anyone has had experience with this and can shed some light on what is really accepted.
      Our other concern is alcohol, the important stuff! We usually bring many bags of home make wine aboard to last the summer, fit nicely in the bilge and act as ballast (at least I tell myself that)
      Are they going to be concerned with the quantity?

      What about fishing gear and crab trap? We don’t plan to use it in the US but will have it aboard when we return to finish the summer in BC. Will that cause an issue if we don’t have a US fishing license?

      Anyone’s thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.

      It’ll Be Fine

      Alan & Belinda

        Best source is from them.,%2410%2C000%20in%20fines%20and%20penalties.
        Citrus is not allowed. Prepared / cooked foods are generally OK.

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