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      Rosario Resort – SOLD
      Windchime, Wed Jan 28 2009, 03:04PM

      Rosario Resort – SOLD

      48* North magazine reports that Rosario Resort (on Orcas Island in the U.S. San Juan Islands) has been sold to an undisclosed buyer (local boater that lives on Fidalgo Island) and is currently closed for redevelopment.

      No one is talking about the specific changes, but speculation is that “bigger and better” may be an option (even in these difficult financial times). The old owners along with the San Juan County Commissioner coordinated on a redevelopment plan and submitted it to the new owners, which included a new floating breakwater that would increase the slips from 34 to 165.

      Although their gas prices were always high and the amount of provisions they stocked at the marina were low, we are crossing our fingers that it will be re-opened by this summer, as our annual sail to the San Juan’s always includes a stop at Rosario to swim and drink refreshments in the pool, feed the deer on the lawn, and have a nice dinner in the mansion.


      Re: Rosario Resort – SOLD
      Kermie, Mon Feb 09 2009, 11:28AM

      I too read something in Pacific Yachting about Rosario under new management.
      Rosario was one of our most interesting visits in the San Juans, they provided a most informative historical presentation about the mansion and area. A visit there can be a bit more pricey than other stops but well worth it. Dinner or breakfast at the mansion should be mandatory on your itinerary. Showers, towels and use of all the facilities was included in our slip fee. You can also pick up the bus and ride into East Sound for a visit to all the shops. Highly recommended!

      Re: Rosario Resort – SOLD
      Windchime, Mon May 18 2009, 11:47AM

      Rosario Resort on Orcas Island is OPEN for business as usual this summer 2009.

      Re: Rosario Resort – SOLD
      Windchime, Mon May 25 2009, 11:30PM

      The latest update:

      I spoke with Rosario today and they are open this summer … but it’s not business as usual, as many of the amenities may not be open this year.

      It seems like most of the Mansion facilities will be closed, while the marina ones remain open for business.

      – Marina
      – Marina Pool
      – Cacade Bay Grill and Marina Store

      – Mansion Dinning Room and Moran Lounge
      – Spa and Gift Shop
      – Licenced Adult Pool with amazing view

      Re: Rosario Resort – SOLD
      Windchime, Mon Jan 25 2010, 05:03PM


      I was in touch with Rosario today. (January 25, 2009)

      The upgrades on not going as fast as they would like. There are no permits in place for construction yet, but they said to keep checking nearer to summer.

      As of now, there will be no Mansion facilities this summer. No deck pool, spa, restraunt, etc.

      For this summer:
      – The marina will be open as usual. (no changes)
      – The marina pool and Cascade Cafe will be open as usual. (no changes)

      – They are tying to get the Spa re-opened for the summer.
      – They have no plans/permits in place to open the Mansion Restraunt or Deck Pool.

      Sorry folks.

      Darry Major

      Re: Rosario Resort – SOLD
      Windchime, Fri Jul 02 2010, 02:20PM


      As of today (July 2nd, 2010) all facilities at the amazing Rosario Resort on Orcas Island are back up and running, after a few years of being closed for resale and renovations.

      The Marina, Lower Pool, and Beach Cafe, have been open the whole time but all the facilities in the Mansion have not.

      I spoke with them today and they confirmed that the Moran Mansion is back open including the;
      – Adult Only Licensed Pool with View
      – Spa
      – Lounge
      – New Restraunt (dinner only – no breakfast like before)
      – Museum and Tours, etc.

      We plan to add this port back onto our San Juan Cruise itinerary again this year.

      Darry Major
      “Sail Safe and Leave Only Wake”

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