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    Impulse’s forward starboard window developed a leak. I contacted Blue Water Yachts and Cheryl sent me a pdf (attached) regarding installing a window.
    1. removed window screws. Remember to put the screws back into the exact hole that they came from when reinstalling.
    2. Used putty knife and mini bar to left window. Gently and slowly.
    3. Scraped off old adhesive sealant
    4 I use isopropyl alcohol 99% and GOO Gone on window and deck seating. I used acetone on the fiberglass seating during last clean up.
    5.Tape deck area to catch excess sealant. Place window on taped deck and pencil the outline of the window.
    6. Utility knife used to cut out shape of window on painters tape.
    7. Tape inside of window box.
    8. Apply BoatLIFE Marine Silicone Rubber (black). I used BoatLIFE Life Seal (black). Both recommended for Lexan and Polycarbonate windows to fiberglass. I put down a bead and then smeared evenly with a putty knife
    9. Cures in 24 hours but let it sit for a few days when possible.

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