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      Ramblings of a Commodore
      Sea Shell, Sun Nov 17 2013, 08:47PM

      As Commodore I’m so fortunate to have so many out standing individuals supporting me in our club. Rick at my right hand is so well organized and supportive, Ron keeping our membership and financial numbers in order, Andy & Caroline keeping our tech department active and cutting edge, Terry & Gail keeping our water events so well planned and executed, Peter and Lydia always so supportive and giving power to our Vancouver Island membership, Darry & Steve giving us historic focus and direction…… What an amazing group!
      If you have ever thought of getting involved in leadership in a club, then this has to be one of the best to be involved with… What a pleasure working with FRIENDS. That is so typical of MYCBC. It’s about friends helping friends in areas that we may not be as strong in as others. Everyone at MYCBC is so passionate about helping others to have fun and honestly enjoy the time that they spend out on the water. And we help each other in areas outside sailing and boating as well. I have never met such an accepting and non pretentious group. We are all just people who believe in having good safe fun.
      This last year we sold our beloved Classic Mac after 7 great years of sailing and cruising here on the West Coast. I loved SeaShell… She was a wonderful boat that has memories that will never be forgotten. Most of all, that it brought us to the MacGregor Yacht Club. It was by far one of the most special parts of our growth into sailing. Having sold our boat we wondered how this would effect our lives… Would this change how we were connected to the club…… But at AGM our friends made sure we knew our connections were firmly tied to this amazing raft. Yahoo! And it’s great too because I get to continue on as Commodore! What a Privilege!
      My friendships go far beyond the Bridge… Iggy and Tanya, Darren and Lorna, Rob and Angelee, Salt Spring Larry and Tony, Gillies and Sabrine, Massimo and Brenda, Calgary Shane and the list goes on and on. It has been so incredible the connections made. This is so unlike any other club that I have ever been involved with. People so passionate about friendship and fun.
      For those of us that get involved, we know about this amazing feeling…. You really need to come out and experience “all that the MYCBC lifestyle” has to offer. It’s unlike anything you have ever experienced.
      COME SAIL WITH US! It will change your life, it has for us….. And we look forward to many many more years of sharing fenders, wine, and experiences with this fine group of friends…. Family

      Thanks to everyone for making being a MYCBC sailor so Great!!
      Commodore Glen and TeAm Schogun!

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