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      Q & A of Buying a MacGregor
      saynomore, Mon Mar 08 2010, 11:18AM

      Just back from the Sportmans Show and I made a note of all the reasons or excuses people have for not jumping into the pleasure boat recreational market.

      1. My wife is not comfortable or doesn’t think she will like it! WRONG, your wife will love it!!!
      my spouse had the same issue, and she quickly came to love our M26. The interior cabin is spacious, and not clautophobic, with good view windows, so she found time to putts around and organize “her” space. The M26 came with a membership package with the MacGregor Yacht Club of BC, so we had a family of likeminded people who wanted us to join them on organized outings, and inprumptu getaway weekends, helping us to hone our skills, and learn to get comfortable with our boats on short and extended cruises. We had to face weather and found the M26 to be safe and seaworthy, a big confidence builder.
      After a the years of apprehension we regret we didn’t buy the M26 sooner for all the family to enjoy. The boat serves well for an evening breeze cruise, a weekend hideaway, and weekly and extended cruises. If your still not convinced send me an email and we will see about getting your spouse on the water.

      2. I keep looking at them every year at the boat show… I don’t know??? Some people go through this 7 year itch! where they can’t make up their minds, don’t know what is holding you back? if it cost, well you wont find a well designed boat that will give the pleasure of being both a sailboat and power boat, you can balance out your quiet moments under sail, with a couple of hours of fishing/crabbing, and an hour or so of tubing with the kids. This boat is designed for recreation for the whole family. You can pretty much buy an M26 with all the bells and whisles for under $50,000. Now take your shopping list and see if you can get a full enclosure camper with wind and power capabilities in this price range. A sail away package is around $35000. you can add your modifications later as you discover how you want your boat set up to meet your needs.

      3. People say it doesn’t sail well??? who are these people!… True it is not a deep keel sailboat, or bluewater sailboat. Some captains have got into trouble, but that is more skill than the boat. True the boat has quirks but what boat doesn’t, it is not designed for hard core sailing, yet it sails well in light air and I can testify that it has braved some of the worst weather we faced in our waters. The boat is safe, she wants to right itself more than she wants to roll, she is kind and friendly even when the captain is not on his/her game!!! I found the M26 doesn’t have to be heeled hard at 35-40 degrees to move fast, my boat has her best speed heeled around 23-28 degrees enough to let you know you moving fast, and not uncomfortable for the spouse and passengers on board. Empty the ballast and power up your moving, this boat will get you out of trouble if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

      4. It’s not a power boat??? sure I can’t put twin 120HP behind the boat, I have a 50hp and it gets me where I want. When my spouse says I had enough… it’s power time. When bad weather creeps up, I’m heading for safe harbour. When I need to get to where the fish are… I’m there. The new models are coming in with 60HP Envirudes, and I have seen 75HP Mercury on the Mac’s. It’s not one of those cigar or cigarette boats, it is more like one of those cabin cruisers… comfort under power!

      5. I can’t afford it? If your thinking of it and you want it there are many financial systems in place to make the boat fit your budget, Contact the dealer, or meet with your financial advisor. You may find yourself in a MacGregor sooner than you think.

      6. I’m waiting for retirement? Don’t wait… the M26 will ease you into retirement, open up more potential for you to enjoy your retirement. Create Captain hobbies to improve the creature needs to make your Sailing/Cruising experience more enjoyable. Give you time to hone your skills, and plan on boating courses to improve your skills. It will teach you to relax, not focus on the JOB and seek excuses to get out of the office to jump out on the boat. Create a shortcut between being stuck on your way home to a route that will find yourself on the boat enjoying the wide and open space while watching all your neighbours driving bumper to bumper.

      7. I don’t know if I can stand to be on a boat so long? Even on week end getaways, you can plan your trips to hop from one Marina to another to stretch your legs, the advantage is that their is no need for hotel or motel accommodations. You will also find that the slow – relaxed pace of cruising makes the day and weekend fly by so quickly even when your out dancing on an anchor gunkholing in a secluded cove.

      8. I can’t buy a power boat like this in this price range, and I don’t like sailing? That is fine too, many members use their Mac’s for power boating, or fishing only. The nice thing about it… is you have options, maybe one day you will try sailing and love it. Or you run out of fuel and discover you have another means to get home. Even an excuse for your boss when he asked you why you didn’t work on Monday… Sorry Sir! light wind

      9. Don’t want to pay for moorage, and I live in an apartment? there are many storage places that you can trailer your boat to, some marina’s have on site land storage like Burrard Marina. There are some farms that offer very cheap storage if you don’t mind a short haul to the country. Our active schedule suggested marina moorage for $2900 a year we consider it a time saver, and a place to go to when we just want to float on the water and get through a good book while observing the going on activities of the marina.

      10. To all the other excuses??? We have found the MacGregor to be more than we anticipated. In 2006 I went out to buy a 34-37′ sailboat and came home with a family compromise, a boat that I viewed from a classic to an X, first style M and to today’s version of the M26. What I saved that day created funds for a bonus vacation in the tropics. Are we happy with our Mac yes!!! very. We find we make excuses to get out on the water even if it is for a few hours. Our boat is always in transition, customizing it to meet our creature comfort, creating new activities to visit Chandlers and boat shows for nick-nacks and new stuff always considering how it will fit our needs. It has taught us how to live with less, travel with basic necessities. Creating quick, healthy and simple meals, and harvesting from the sea. Learning to sail was easy, prompted me to take inerest courses to improve my skills, and created a new library of related material. As a couple we found a place for quality time, for our family a place to gather and enjoy our company while keeping busy trying a range of recreational activities. Our M26 has introduced us to a world of new discoveries, finding 23 degrees celsius water in the strait of Georgia and calling it our new pool, not shying away from buzy anchorages knowing we can secure anchor with 6″ of water at low tide. With the club (MYCBC) we have made new friends, great sailing companions, helping hands, and the best source of information and knowledge free money can buy!!!

      But if you are still not shure, and you have another excuse not mentioned send me an email, and I will have an answer why you should be in a M26 this year!!!

      If your ready for a MacGregor contact me, I’ll pave the way for your new purchase with answers to all your questions.

      Re: Q & A of Buying a MacGregor
      Tickety-Boo, Sun Aug 26 2012, 12:01AM

      Very compeling and comprehensive post.

      We are buying a Mac. The factory is starting on our hull in 2days! The question I have is about options… Affordable Dream Boats have thrown in a bunch of options, because we will lend them the boat for the Vancouver International Boat Show in 2013.

      One question I have so far is about the Mainsail Slugs. Are they all that good? Should I forgo them?


      Re: Q & A of Buying a MacGregor
      Mystic Rose, Sun Aug 26 2012, 07:23PM


      Our first boat did not have slugs. Ever since we have had the main sail slugs put on. It makes it so much easier to raise the sail. A little teflon spray makes it even easier. i recommend them.

      Gerry Mitchel


      Re: Q & A of Buying a MacGregor
      saynomore, Sun Aug 26 2012, 09:54PM

      Alpha Romeo, I also have slugs and the reason was the ease of raising the sheet, as the advise given by Mystic Rose, a little teflon, takes the ware and tare out of the body. Affordable Dream Boat recommended a good product.

      Re: Q & A of Buying a MacGregor
      Tickety-Boo, Mon Aug 27 2012, 10:07PM

      Thanks so much for the fast replies!!! Set my mind at ease about this option. …Looking forward to joining the club and getting to know you all!


      Re: Q & A of Buying a MacGregor
      Tickety-Boo, Mon Sep 24 2012, 09:49PM

      Well, FINALLY! She’s arrived! We went to have a look at our new boat and noticed something strange… A of inches above each rudder mount is a neat little hole drilled through the hull. It’s beveled as well so there are no rough edges.

      The dealer emailed Macgregor about this and was told they are ‘Dam Holes’

      Any idea what the purpose of these little holes are? We are planning on taking her up to Okanagan Lake this weekend if she’s ready and I don’t know whether or not to be concerned.

      Any feedback would be great.


      Re: Q & A of Buying a MacGregor
      Kermie, Wed Sep 26 2012, 02:42PM

      Well congrats! What color is trhe hull? What options did you get?
      I’d like to know what dam holes are too… I have rudder lines going through holes in the hull in that area but I think they are lower. Put some tape over the holes untill someone tells you what dam holes are for.
      Slugs are good, don’t leave home without them. Hope to see you at the year end dinner!

      Re: Q & A of Buying a MacGregor
      Tickety-Boo, Wed Sep 26 2012, 11:29PM

      Thanks for the response!

      Our boat has the white hull, Genoa with furler, stern rail seats, Lowrance HDS7 chartplotter and 3G Radar, iCom 504a VHF, cockpit cushions, 60hp outboard, boarding ladder, compass, bimini etc…

      unfortunately, we won’t make it to the year end dinner this year, but we are hoping to go sailing several times with the club next season.

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