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      Proposed game for the MacRendezVous
      saynomore, Mon Jan 05 2009, 12:06AM

      MYCBC’s MacRendezVous… “Treasure Island”In keeping with the philosophy of having fun and teaching, I am proposing a game to be played out at our MacRendezVous.This project is in a creation stage, and as it is a Club game, I invite all of you to jump in and participate in the design of this final product.Steve
      Commodore, MYCBC
      Treasure IslandThe MacRendezVous fleet will be divided into 3 groups and a 4th group will incorporate our children.The Game has 30 treasure chests AND 10 for the childrenInside each of the 30 treasure chest we will find:25 questions with prises2 Skulls3 CannonsFor the Kids8 questions with prises
      2 Cannons
      Teams select a chest; we open it to find the contents (Question/Gold prise, Skull, Cannon). In the chest with a Question the team has a timeline to respond with a correct answer. Failure to answer correctly they walk the plank (the club buy a small inflatable baby soaker pool and set up a tee-tee totter where members walk the plank and on the way down the pendulum face the pool… Oh yes they get shot at with water guns in case they think they can jump off the board to avoid stepping into the pool. Also in the case of a wrong answer the next team get to answer a meet their fate. If answered correctly they get the contents of the prise. All answers are based on a team effort, “we learn and grow as a team”Questions are based on Knowledge of Seamanship, Piloting (charts), Rope work, Coastal destinations, Canadian Coast Guard-Pleasure Craft Guide.The Skull means the team loses all accumulated Chest(s) to the next team if the team can answer the question… if they fail the next team has a chance to answer the question and will claim all the chest(s), if all fail, the original team will keep their chest(s) and have the opportunity to shoot off their water guns at the other two teams.The Cannon: (Members bring your best water guns/cannons) You guessed it right… You get shot on while you try and answer a question. Get it right you get to fire back!!!The prises, small trinkets that the committee will buy with chocolate coated gold coins, just for the fun of itThe Teams can come dressed up as pirates and prepared to be soaked in the true spirit of the game.Game time expected 2 hours Children Questions will be based on the CCG pleasure craft guide and rope work

      Re: Proposed game for the MacRendezVous
      Windchime, Mon Jan 05 2009, 01:06AM

      I love the idea Steve!
      I think it sounds like a lot of fun for everyone, and maybe we’ll even learn a little in the process

      Also, I am always “on-board” for any excuse to put my Pirate outfit on, and to fly our Jolly-Roger!

      Re: Proposed game for the MacRendezVous
      Mover, Mon Jan 05 2009, 02:53PM

      Sounds good Steve,
      This will kick things up a notch at this year’s event.

      Need more ideas?:
      There’s always the classic dead man’s dingy race.

      Also Zoran can organize a friendly ’round the bouys race if there is wind.

      Peter Rodenburgh, RCI (Rear Commodore Island), MYCBC

      Re: Proposed game for the MacRendezVous
      singlesailor, Wed Jan 07 2009, 10:29PM

      Steve: Is this just a sneaky way to have a wet T-shirt contest? Be careful. An old guy like me might have a seizure. amazed.png. It’s OK. I signed the liability waiver.

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