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      Proposed agenda for January 10, 2009
      saynomore, Sat Jan 03 2009, 08:05PM

      attached email sent to executive members:

      1: January 16th Meeting. Do to the great and unpredictable weather I am concern for your safety and the facilitation of parking on a heavily snow plowed road. The later the meeting creates chances of freezing conditions in the latter part of the day. So may I suggest the following.
      A) DELETED
      b) Carole made suggestion that ABC in Surrey offers a place to park, a meeting room, all we need is to spend $100. So I am thinking 1pm lunch followed by meeting, club will cover for coffee or tea.
      c) Hope weather clears up in next couple weeks have meeting on Friday Jan 16 at 6:30
      2. The agenda will be posted on the website shortly. The highlights is to approve the changes as discussed and submitted on our new Club policy and procedures. The review, discussion and acceptance of new Membership application with club liability and indemnity agreement as present to us by Darry Major, I have asked a favour from one of our members in the legal profession to offer her thoughts on the document. The upcoming Seattle Boat Show, with the main focus on the Vancouver Boat Show and our space in the booth. Finalization of year end accounting and the transfer of Club account to facilitate Ron and Mark in managing our funds. Table a date that would be in agreement with Rick in setting up a work/discussion/idea meeting to improve our website.
      3. I have asked Rick to post the minutes as corrected with amendments for all members to review, facilitation a quick acceptance of the AGM minutes so that we can move forward on our days agenda.
      If any members have anything they want to add to this agenda please forward asap.
      To all members, Happy New Year, see you in good form on Jan. 10
      Commodore, MYCBC
      ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________

      MYCBC January 2009 AGENDA “Leave Only Wake”
      Tentative: jANUARY 16, 6:30 PM. ABC RESTAURANT, IN SURREY (STAY POSTED WILL CONFIRM THE ADDRESS) Email your attendance at Introduction: Commodore opens AGM, states date and time, members roll callAnnouncements: Nigel is not retired and is offering mechanical services. Call his cell at 604-618-8160Receipt of Minutes: Adopt as corrected AGM minutes of December 2008 meeting. First and second motion.Business arising: Correspondence: 1) Documents received for Blaine Regatta. 2) John from Affordable Dreams Boats, offer of paid service for new and potential customers. Offer to hold a Swap day in March or April.Treasurers Report: Ron GilliesSecretary Report: Letters sent and change of RosterCommodores Report: Steve St-Amour,

      Council of BC Yacht Clubs (membership $60) sent & posted minutes of their meeting for members. Decline our interest for this year due to a lack of member’s interest.

      Vice Commodore Report: Darry MajorRear Commodore Report: Peter Rodenburgh has accepted the position. All Island correspondence will be sent to Peter, with concurrence to Steve and Darry.Past Commodore comments: Zoran ZugigStanding Committee Reports: Terry Bowman, Cruise Captain: Site for pedestal coverRick Worthy, IT Captain: Proposal for special meeting for Web Site improvements.Fred Beech: Quartermaster: Confirmation and accuracy of current membership listDennis Nisbet, Measurer: 1) Review of old members list, 2) Summary of Club history bindersCarole Downes, membership card & social: Old Business:

      Insurance: Club… Still chasing Hub

      · Membership insurance we are granted 10% quoted 20% with Hub.New Business:· Darry: New membership form, with Liability and indemnity form. To be voted then submitted in our policy and procedures.· Planning Seattle boat show Jan 30th, Committee for Vancouver Boat Show· Club Burgees and Clothing.· Please review site for proposal of “Treasure Island” Next Meeting: Meeting Ajourned:

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