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      PHRF rating
      Rob Roodenburg, Wed Jun 01 2011, 04:13PM

      I have tried to find a PHRF rating for the 26M 2009. There are a few variants of handicap 222 (Northern California) and a few general chatline approximations of between 240 and 250, but they are all for the 26X.We are the only MacGregor in the Salt Spring island Sailing Club. We missed the “Around the Salt Spring Island race’ because I was Wharfinger during that weekend and busy rafting 120 guest sail boats. Next year though I want to participate and need a PHRF for our boat. I would like an as close as possible rating.

      Re: PHRF rating
      Windchime, Wed Jun 01 2011, 08:42PM

      Hi Rob,

      For any race the is goverend by the PIYA, you will need an actual PHRF rating and a sail number.

      You can apply for both of them at BC Sailing.
      You can download the applications online and fax it to them.
      It takes about two weeks and $25 for the PHRF rating to be calulated, and is valid for one year.
      They will tell you your sail number over the phone, this costs about $125 and is valid for the life of the boat.

      You can do them both at the same time but you will need the sail number first, as this is one of the questions on the PHRF rating application.

      Good Luck!

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