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      Pages of the ships log
      saynomore, Mon Apr 09 2007, 09:21AM

      Well I got the dri-z-air on board but got injured shortly after, so I never got a chance to check up on my boat in storage at a friends yard. Even though I am not suppose to do anything crazy till I see the doctor and get an new xray on wednesday, I couldn’t pass up easter weekend to put me’boat in the water and sail to her new berth at Reed Point. So I snuck out and hooker her up and hauled her home to check the engine and a look’see over.

      Well the 97 dodge caravan is now telling me it doesnt want to tow anymore, those teflon gears in the tranny is a poor design. Anyway girl, not today your haulling.
      At home gave the engine a chance to cool off as I peeked into the boat and OH!no much to my surprise mold dots all over, worst back aft, where did the water come in or is this just moisture. OK, major clean up! Checked the engine all is fine, kicks over like a charm. Pick up cleaning supplies and let’s get a move on.
      At Rocky point (place of my last embarrasement) we put Saynome in the water, like a pro to all those onwatchers on the main deck expecting a show… They saw a seasonned sailor move about in wind and a crowded space as boats jockeyed for the ramp.
      Could set sails as I raised the mast I notice my standing lines where not taut. How did that happen only been out with the boat 5 times how did everything get loose in storage. Ok! add that to the list of things to do. So lets motor in to Reed Point.
      With wind in my face i decided to enter Reed Point with a full ballast. Much to my surprise the sailors messing about their boats all notice a Macgregor coming in to berth and where quick to line up to protect there boats. As I pulled in to row 12 the first boat I spotted another Macgregor , blue haul no scratches, “must be a seasoned captained I said to myself, need to meet this guy”. Well to all anxious captains I dissapointed them all as I pulled into my berth like if I had done it 100 times. Some cheered on, 4 old boys invited me for a beer. Well they wanted to tell me more about the Macgregor as they see it to be their retirement boat.
      All tied up, we started to haul all dampness out of the boat, seperate covers from foam, and wheel all that mess to the van to take home and clean. On board we started washing down the walls and taking toll of the damage, lights calcified to their sockets, anything that was paper is now recycled.
      Brian, came bye to tell me I had to flush my engine with fresh water, fine i said! and connected the hose to ears and desperatly tried to reach the base water intake to connect the hose. Damm! I said to myself now I have to go out and buy a dingy just to complete this task, how do other boater do it. Need to read that manual!!!
      The next day back on board, more cleaning solution, more organizing trays and Cathy is down below as I take toll of how much “DooDoo” is on my deck. Now I figure all the seagulls in Port Moody and Burnaby must of passed the word around that there was a new boat, all clean that needed to be crapped on. I wonder if this was the reason the other sailor gave up his berth, well a 33% rate increase might of done it too. Cause every sailor dropped by to tell me about it.
      The bimini was another task, no instructions ( the world of a sailor if you can’t figure it out do with out, but a sailor persist) 4 straps a rag with pockets to feed the poles easy,
      put it together once, the straps are different lengths, do it again, the bimini if floppy, ok where are my binauculars, lets check out the macgregor at the end of row 11, hum! got it hooked up the same way he’s tight, well lets move the sliders up and down and get this right. Just when I get it! the sun pops up, I need that vitamin D for my bones, and a beer for my spirits.

      Out of this weekend all I could think of is as a collective group we need to put down our vast knowledge and insert a section “library for a Newbee” with all the things we can thing of about ownership of a new boat and getting it into the water for a new season.

      Right now the boat is resting with 2 cans of Dri-s-air while contiplate buying a heater, and keep searching for that honda instrution book.

      Captain Steve

      Re: Pages of the ships log
      Site Admin, Wed Apr 18 2007, 06:04PM

      I think this website could go a long way to producing that collectivity of knowledge that you speak. Of course our get togethers are when most of us discuss our mutual problems and solutions.

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