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      our thoughts… 2009 Vancouver Boat Show
      saynomore, Sat Feb 07 2009, 09:03AM

      Share your thoughts on this years Vancouver Boat Show.

      Re: our thoughts… 2009 Vancouver Boat Show
      Liverpool Lou II, Sun Feb 08 2009, 06:54PM

      Not realy exciting, and no real deals that one could expect, I was loking for few things and all I purchased is a crab trap. I guess that says it all.

      Re: our thoughts… 2009 Vancouver Boat Show
      Kermie, Sun Feb 08 2009, 08:03PM

      The Vancouver Boat show is what it is and always has been, a fair reflection of the regional market and what it has to offer. It is not as big and diverse as other shows in North America but Vancouver is not as big a market as other cities.
      That said it still had lots to offer the new and recently initiated boater and lots for intermediate boaters too. A few veteran boaters who already have everything may be hard pressed for something new but most of us had lots to see and discover. As in previous years Gail & I spent our allowance and then some and bought some pretty neat things and acquired some important and substantial knowledge that we previously did not know. We were also able to make the club presence known to several Mac owners who were previously unaware of our existence. We hope to see them sign up soon.
      I am always excited about the show and always look forward to it and always buy something new.
      I am sure the latest boat owners all spent lots of time and money there. I look forward to many more boat shows over the years.

      Re: our thoughts… 2009 Vancouver Boat Show
      saynomore, Sun Feb 08 2009, 10:59PM

      Cathy and I where most impressed how the upper level was organized this year, wholesalers all in one zone, retailers in an other, and larger one had both sides as if we where walking into their store. Cathy felt that a woman’s touch had organized this show.

      I think the Club should buy Spirit of 2010 and I understand that Zoran has tossed the first $20 in the hat now we only need $16, 999, 980. and we have a party boat.

      Their was much knowledge to be shared if one stopped to asked questions, everyone knew someone at the show who knew how to answer one querry.

      And as usual the best part is meeting all members and past members, on that note if anyone was attending Sunday’s Show, all but one past commodore was at the event. Imagine 15 years of Commodores under one roof!!! thats enough hot air to keep it up!

      Visited the Edge, and Hunter did a fine job of it, but for the price I will stick to my Mac and spend the difference on wine and fine foods at marina’s on our coast.

      I want to thank all that volunteered at our booth, you made MacGregor proud! merci beaucoup.

      Your Commodore.

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