Night Sailing

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      Night Sailing
      Liverpool Lou II, Sun Sep 16 2007, 06:56PM

      Hi everybody, I am still thrilled from yesterday and I want to share it. I had a great night sailing (not powering). Launched my boat in Burrard Civic around 11:00pm (single handed, how else) and with the light winds blowing outwards I decided to sail out. Reefed main and full jib, (of course in my tradition no ballast), started with running out of English Bay. The conditions were ideal. At the beginning I was doing 2.3-3 kt and than it started to blow a bit more. I ended with up to 4.5 kt running, started jibing around Spanish banks, speed increasing and ended on close reach heading east. Boat started healing over 15 deg with 5.5 kt speed, disregarding fact that sheets were loose since I am trying to spill some wind. Still without ballast I decided to reef the jib too and ended 4.5 kt close hauled up to 10 deg heal. It was overcast night, no moon but the city lights and lights from the anchored freighters helped with log watch. It was fantastic experience. Around 2:00 am I decided that it is too late to return and tied to the logs in chicken cove. Another sail back this morning and I was home at 2:00 pm on Sunday.
      I love sailing.


      Re: Night Sailing
      saynomore, Tue Sep 18 2007, 10:26AM

      Your not only an inspiration as commodore your a romantic.

      Re: Night Sailing
      , Sun Sep 30 2007, 11:15AM

      Hi Zoran,
      I am a inexperienced sailor who for the first time sailed solo in English Bay this year.
      I was under the impression that a Macgregor should always have it’s ballast filled while sailing. Is it optional depending on the conditions?
      What a great idea, night sailing, I will have to try it.
      Where’s Chicken Cove?


      Re: Night Sailing
      Liverpool Lou II, Mon Oct 01 2007, 09:21PM

      Hi Eric,

      When you join the club and meet the other members they will likely tell you that you shouldn’t try things I am doing. Mac is not self righting without ballast.
      Chicken Cove aka Cowards Cove is at the tip of Spanish Banks right after you enter Frasier North Arm. You can tie to the logs or anchor. I prefer logs.

      Re: Night Sailing
      , Tue Oct 02 2007, 05:56PM

      Hi Zoran,
      Thanks for the heads up.



        Do you still own Liver Pool Lou II?
        My wife saw a post somewhere that you made a cockpit
        enclosure and she is very interested.
        When she gets interested I do what ever to keep her
        going in that direction!!!


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