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      Nexus Users: Canadian Ports of Entry
      Sea Shell, Mon Jun 28 2010, 04:13PM

      Hello Fellow Nexus Users!After some digging I have found a list of ‘Ports of Entry’ for boats leaving the U.S. That might be….. say from Point Roberts or Blaine. If you are headed into the Gulf Islands then you can clear into Canada via Phone at the following Ports of Entry.
      1. Miners Bay (Mayne Island) on the entry into Acitve Pass, a great starting point for a tour of the Gulf Islands???
      2. Montague Harbour (Galiano Island) if your first night in the Gulfs are starting in Montague, then float over to the dock and clear in.
      3. Horton Bay (South Mayne Island) for a destination on Saturna or into the Penders, this would be a great place to stop and clear in.
      4. Cabbage Island (Tumbo Island area) Wow! Who would of thought that on this little island you could clear in but that is exactly what you can do!
      5. Port Browning (North Pender Island) a great marina and place to stop if you are perhaps coming out of the San Juans on your way into the Gulfs.
      6. Bedwell Bay (South Pender Island) it has the full customs entry port set up, but you can also use your Nexus to get in quick.
      Don’t forget… Everyone on board must have Nexus to clear your boat in if you are going to use the phone in method. Also, remember the limits for purchases coming into Canada from the US. And food on board too.
      If anyone has any other “Pearls of Wisdom” for transiting Canada and the U.S. please add a note to this blog. Have fun out there and stay safe and legal!
      Sail safe and leave only wake!
      Glen Hodgkinson…… The Vice Commodore

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