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      Hey everyone! My name is Ben and I am new to the community. My wife Christina and I purchased a 2010 26m from Cowichan Bay a couple weeks ago and we finally got insurance on it this week. It is currently being moored at Burrard Civic here in Vancouver.

      We are getting started with the basic systems. As previous wilderness expedition focused Sea Kayakers/ Canoers we are hoping to do some extended cruising this summer with our baby (8 months old at the time of writing this). So these questions come with the idea that we will be spending a week or two on the boat at a time.

      I’ve already done a ton of research on all three of these subjects but I am left with some questions because of the specificity of the MacGregor.

      Anchor rode – This boat came with 120′ of 1/2″ line and 30′ 1/4″ chain connected with a shackle. It seems to be in pretty good condition. I am planning to purchase a 10kg Rocna anchor, and the boat has the standard roller. Steveston Marine has a decent deal on a line/ chain package right now and I am wondering if it is worth “upgrading” to a longer line and chain. I am looking at 150′ 1/2″ line with 50′ 1/4″ chain. I’d love to hear from anyone who really relies on their anchor and what they think about going with more chain for the obvious benefits, or if what I have is substantial enough.

      Lifeline netting – with our 8 month old, I’ve created a lobster claw tether that will more or less keep him in the boat, but there is always the anxiety of him going over. This guy wiggles all over the place and is particularly fond of places he hasn’t been before. So, I am strongly considering a lifeline netting system to buy us a few seconds to prevent the unthinkable. Anyone here done this to their Mac? What system have you used to create a quick release for the Cockpit gates? What reasonable / affordable system have you used to connect to the Genoa track? The best I have found are sail slides or t track eye slider that comes at 47 bucks a piece.

      Dyneema Lifeline – If I am going to do the netting I am considering changing the lifelines to dyneema as well. Has anyone done this and willing to share their experience?

      Ok, I’ll leave it at that for now, thanks in advance!


      Rick & Sue

        Hi Ben, welcome.
        I have done a lot of anchor research. 10 Kg Rocna is good choice. Mine has never dragged (touch wood). What I have found out is the effect of chain is less than historically claimed “catenerary” only exists a low pulls. Once wind gets to 20kt even a full chain anchor rode becomes a straight rod. Strong but no lowering of pull angles. The most recent theory is go with bigger anchor rather than more chain. Chain becomes chafe protection so only need 20-30 feet. I seldom anchor in more than 30 feet of water. With 150’ total rode that would give scope 150/35(depth+freeboard)= about 4:1 ample for most secure anchorages but not sufficient for exposed conditions requiring 5:1 or even 7:1. My suggestion would be keep Rocna and 30’ chain but look to increase nylon rode.
        Check out presentation “Anchoring.ppt” Presentations
        Still thinking about replacing lifelines with dyneema.


          Congrats Ben! Welcome to Burrard Civic – We’ve been mooring there for 6 years. Several memebers also been there – right now I think it’s just Godi and us (MacJager)

          Sent you a PM for further details. Cheers!

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