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      New Macgregor 26 M
      , Thu Sep 11 2008, 09:24AM

      I recently bought a new 26 M and love it! I have worked for Canadian Coast Guard for over 28 years and love being on the water ! I have had the boat out in all types of weather and it performed better than expected! I have been dispointed with the way the local dealer has treated me! When I went to register the vessel here in BC , I had problems because the Bill of Sale showed the motorsailer came imported with a factory installed 60 HP ETEC . Apparently by law ( Tansport Canada) all vessels imported into Canada require the vessel comes with a Conformity Compliance Label if the vessel is over 6 meters and can be fitted with a outboard motor , not to be confused with a Capacity Label for vessels under 6 meters ! I have Brought this to Johns attention and ever since I have no warranty items or issues looked after . I have had no lesson day on the water as promised ! I was also given a trailer wheel and tire where the dealer knew the sidewall of the tire was deformed! There was very little PDI done by the dealer , creating alot of work for myself! I am retiring in a few years and purchased this vessl to enjoy when I finally do retire in about 2-3 years , this was supposed to be a wonderful event but I must say dealing with Affordable Dream Boats was anything but pleasureable! I saw the way they installed equipment and inisted that I do the after market installations, which is the line of work I have performing for over 35 years ! I have been told by a reputable trailer dealer not to install bias tires , but to install gas saving radials , Goodyear Marathons being at the top of the list . I was going to purchase the boat from Blue Water Yacht Sales and will now have to purchase any further equipment from them, because of the way im being treated by the loco I mean Local dealer! I made a list of recomendations which where ignored, but I thought after building 35 thousand boats that they would want to get it right! I do love the boat and think its a perfect comprimise for a verstial vessel when gas prices are so high. Hope others will not experience what I have gone through ! I hope the local dealer can rise to the standards set by Blue Water Yahcts! Be Safe!

      Re: New Macgregor 26 M
      Andrew & Suzanne, Thu Sep 18 2008, 11:30PM

      Congratulations on your new boat glad to here you are enjoying it. I have never dealt with the new local dealer and have been using Blue Water since I could not get service from the past dealer.

      I would hope the new dealer will take note of your concerns and address them. I was going to give him a try the next time I needed something but after reading your message I will stick with Blue Water.
      I would think the conformity label is the responsibility of the dealer to affix it when it is imported. I can’t see that being the purchaser’s responsibility. Here is the link to the regulations
      Thanks for the information.

      Re: New Macgregor 26 M
      , Fri Sep 19 2008, 12:17AM

      Thanks and well done! Im still learning on here! Yes but in the future when you want to travel through several borders don`t you want to have all the stickers , decals , liciences , insurances that you can get and be legal! My boat and all the others who have bought a boat locally should have had the decal , and I want one to lessen the hazzle while traveling which is what the boat is known for.

      Re: New Macgregor 26 M
      Tickety-Boo, Mon Oct 21 2013, 04:03PM

      Pity I found this post a little more than a year after dealing with Affordable Dream Boats.
      I can say, that seeing the original post date of 2008, this company has not improved AT ALL in my opinion! In fact, we ordered out boat in August of 2012 and never got the final kinks worked out till sometime in March of 2013!!! Many, many promises were made an broken by this company and I wouldn’t allow their ‘professional rigger’ to pull weeds from my garden!!!
      All further purchases since I’ve had the boat have been, and will continue to be through Blue Water Yachts! Even though we didn’t buy the boat through them, I have been floored by the level of customer service, knowledge and professionalism we have received.
      If you are planning on buying a new boat, which will be a Tattoo I guess, Deal with Blue Water Yachts!!! I’m confident your experience will be far, far better through this company, loacted near Seattle.

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