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      MYCBC Criusing Award
      Windchime, Sat Feb 25 2012, 11:32AM

      MYCBC Cruising Award

      FREE Club Membership Dues for 2015!

      Do you want to win free Club Membership Dues for 2015?
      How about a free one-year subscription to Pacific Yachting Magazine?

      You can! Simply submit your 2014 log book application by October 1st, and you are automatically entered to win our MYCBC Cruising Award!

      Pacific Yachting Magazine is graciously sponsoring the first place prize of a one year subscription for our inaugural Cruising Award, and all entries will be entered into the draw to win free Club Membership Dues for the following year.

      What is the MYCBC Cruising Award?
      The goal of this awards is to:
      – encourage members to get out and spend more time cruising our amazing natural wonders here in B.C. and the Pacific Northwest.
      – promote stronger Safety-at-Sea habits, in the form of keeping a regular and detailed Ships Logbook.

      How Do I Enter?
      – Download the file called “MYCBC Cruising Award” in the “Downloads” section, under “Club Forms” and print the last page of the application.
      – Fill out the boat and crew information at the top of the application, and read the rules.
      – Each time you take a trip, simply enter into the application the distance in nautical miles you went.
      – Email your application before October 1st, 2014 to .
      – The boat that logged the most cruising miles that year will win the first place PY Magazine Subscription.
      – Every boat who submits an application will be entered into a draw to win free membership dues for the following year.

      Re: MYCBC Criusing Award
      Windchime, Fri Oct 26 2012, 05:41PM

      MYCBC Cruising Award – WINNERS

      Congratulations to GEMINI
      The Winner of the 2012 & 2013 Crusing Award, with 515 & 773 miles logged this season!
      As the winners, they not only have bragging rights for the next year, but also recieve a one year subsciption to Pacific Yachting Magazine and a great looking trophy. ($48 value)

      Congratulations to WINDCHIME
      Free Membership Dues for 2013 & 2014, for winning the draw of all boats that submitted a logbook entry.


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