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      MYC history… as we leave only wake
      saynomore, Sun Jan 18 2009, 09:31PM

      The Club was started unofficially in 1990 by Gerry Berg, Margaret Dahl and assistance from Nigel Booth. Margeret ran the Club as Gerry wanted it to be a Members Club. He provided the financing and mailing services for the members. He donated funds, bought T-Shirts for events and provided gifts and plaques for the events.

      In 1993 Margaret Dahl of Richmond BC became the first Commodore of the MYC, and elected Margaret Jones of Miocene (near Williams lake) BC as Honorary Commodore of Interior BC
      The Club had members registered throughout BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Washington State, and California

      1994 – 1996 Margarit Dahl of Richmond, Commodore
      1997-1998 Henry Lau, Langley, Commodore
      1999-2000 Bill Metcalf, Langley, Commodore
      2001-2002 John Grindon, Pitt Meadows, Commodore
      2003-2004 Mike Browser, Surrey, Commodore
      2005-2006 Ken Downes, Surrey, Commodore
      2007 Zoran Zugic, Vancouver, Commodore
      2008-2009 Steven St-Amour, Maple Ridge, Commodore

      It was customary for Past Commodores to be presented with a plaques for their years on the bridge by the new Commodore.
      The registration was $20 per year since 1993, the club faced its first increase in 2009.
      Margaret Dahl served on committees till she retired as secretary in 2003.
      Mike Browser served as Vice Commodore from 1996 to 2002, when he became Commodore.
      Brian Gilhooly served as membership and treasurer since 1993 till he retired at the end of 2008.
      Other members that volunteered for many years are Donna Lau, Gillian Browser, and Diane Gilhooly that should be mentioned as they kept the Club together and active.

      The Mac A Tack newsletter was conceived in1993 and ran till 2005

      Our Burgee, was made official in the Fall of 1995, voted in on Sept 23, 1995 designed by Tim Novak of the good ship “Shelley Leigh”

      Food tips in the Mac A Tack started with Hanks Bistro, then Henry’s Galley, then Dianne’s Galley. Gerry Berg Band use to play at our MacRendezVous, till Mike Browser brought his gitar over in 2003.

      MacRendezVous use to have annual themes, like 50’s theme, Tackey Tourist theme, and Costume Party theme…

      As far as 1993 monthly meetings started with Pot Luck dinners in members homes.

      Cruises in late July and August where geared around the fireworks in English Bay.

      Doug Hayes was the first Race Commodore.
      Henry Lau was the First Cruise Captain and was assisted by Weekend Committee to plan by weekly events.

      There was an annual August weekend event “Weiner Roast” @ Montague Harbour, and the next night at Ganges for showers and a good meal.

      Club water events started in March as a shake down cruise in Indian Arm, members putting in at Port Moody, Vanier Park and Deep Cove.

      at the 3rd annual MacRendezVous in Snug Cove 1995, MYC had 105 people, 25 Macs, with ELIM a 65′ MacGregor attending the weekend.

      First Full Moon Cruise was held in June of 1997. From Gambier Ilsand around Bowen Island and back to anchor.

      This is a good one… The Club has been seeking “Club Insurance” since 1997

      MacRendezVous was always full of activities, Races, Children and Members Dinghy races, Horse Race, The Main event was the 25 item Scavanger hunt (articles that you may or may not need on your boat), Musical instrument crafts, and the famous Picnic trek to Killarney Lake.

      The Commodores pancake breakfast was introduced in 1993 and has survived till this date at the MacRendezVous.

      MYC, was introduced in 1993 as MacGregor Yacht Club, official MacGregor Boat Owners Association. Members from BC, AB, SK, MB, WA, CA.
      In 1994 we adopted the initials MYCBC

      Margaret Dahl introduced “Riddles” in the Mac A Tack, members where impatiently waiting the next issue to figure them out.

      Pictures posted in Mac A Tack had to show the Longitude and Latitude

      1993 Harbour View Marina, pender Island
      1994 Succia Island, San Juan Islands, WA
      1995 Snug Cove, Bowen Island
      1996 Long Island Bay, Harrison Lake
      1997 Christian Cove, Pitt Lake
      1998 – 2009 Snug Cove, Bowen Island

      1990 to 1992, Vernon YC, Snug Cove, Montague Harbour unofficial RendezVous

      Race Winners
      1993 Classic: Tsunamy
      1994 Classic: Tsunamy, Chardonnay, Late Starter
      1995 Classic: Tsunamy, Chardonnay, RawII
      1996 Classic: My Lady, Tsunamy, Chardonnay
      1997 Classic: My Lady, Tsunamy, Chardonnay
      1998 Classic: My Lady, Late Starter, Chardonnay
      1999 Classic: Late Started, My Lady, Chardonnay
      1999 X: Tia Maria, Diversion, Manoh
      2000 Classic: My Lady, Chardonnay, Late Starter
      2000 X: Tia Maria, Diversion, A L’Eau C’Est L’Heure
      2001 Classic: My Lady, Late Starter, Chardonnay
      2001 X: Windarra, Tia Maria, Diversion
      2002 Classic: Late Starter, BarbeQ, Dahl-Fun
      2002 X: Gloria, Tia Maria, Dee-Licious
      2003 Classic: Late Starter, Chardonnay, BarbeQ
      2003 X: Kailani, Tia Maria, Kermie
      2004 Classic: Late Starter, Chardonnay, BarbeQ
      2004 X: kailani, Tia Maria, Kermie
      2005 Classic: Late Starter, Chardonnay
      2005 X: Liverpool Lou II, Tia Maria
      2006 Classic: Late Starter, Chardonnay
      2006 X: Liverpool Lou II, Impulse, Tia Maria
      2007 Classic: Chardonnay
      2007 X: Liverpool Lou II, Impulse, Tia Maria
      2008 x: Liverpool Lou II, Impulse, Tia Maria

      In 1997 Dahl-Fun took 30 minutes to get across the start line, In 2008 SAYNOMORE crossed the starter line and crossed back over 3 minutes later… the crew just stopped and celebrated.

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