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    MMSI Numbers
    Coastal Drifter, Sun May 02 2010, 09:12AM

    I’ve just installed my new DSC VHF and would like to set up a calling group to include other MYCBC members who have MMSI numbers. Please reply to the post with your MMSI number.

    The MMSI for Coastal Drifter is 316 011 994.


    Re: MMSI Numbers
    Sea Shell, Wed May 05 2010, 07:58AM

    This is a GREAT Idea!!!!!
    The Hodgkinson’s (Sea Shell) MMSI is 316 012 343. Give us a call on the Water!! Lets see more numbers on this list! Cheers!

    Re: MMSI Numbers
    Kermie, Thu Apr 12 2012, 06:27PM

    MMSI for Kermie = 316 007 851

    Re: MMSI Numbers
    Windchime, Thu Apr 12 2012, 07:49PM

    MMSI for Windchine = 316 021 527

    Re: MMSI Numbers
    Gemini, Fri Apr 13 2012, 09:14AM

    MMSI for Gemini is 316 019 315
    I hope to practice using DSC on our MYCBC outings so I can become familiar with the process. Practice makes perfect and if you don’t use it you lose it.

    Re: MMSI Numbers
    Cassiopeia, Sun Apr 15 2012, 04:48PM

    Cassiopeia MMSI number is 316 016 206

    Andy and Caroline

    Re: MMSI Numbers
    Ohana, Sat Apr 28 2012, 07:41PM

    Ohana Honu MMSI #: 316 021 966
    see you on the water…
    Igor, Tanya & Taliacheesey.png

    Re: MMSI Numbers
    saynomore, Sat May 05 2012, 06:33PM

    Saynomore MMSI #316 021 108

    Re: MMSI Numbers
    Suenos, Sun Jul 01 2012, 01:00PM

    Suenos MMSI number 316 016 646
    Doug Cheryle

    Re: MMSI Numbers
    Close To You, Mon Aug 27 2012, 07:38AM

    Hey everyone! Here’s my MMSI number: 316 023 351
    Look forward to hearing from you on the water!

    Re: MMSI Numbers
    Windspiration, Thu Apr 04 2013, 09:02PM

    MMSI for Windspiration = 316024218

    Re: MMSI Numbers
    Tickety-Boo, Wed Apr 10 2013, 09:05AM

    Tickety-Boo MMSI# 316023896

    Re: MMSI Numbers
    Mover, Fri Apr 19 2013, 05:56PM

    Mover MMSI# 316 021 185

    Re: MMSI Numbers
    Windspiration, Thu Apr 25 2013, 07:48PM

    Coastal drifter posted this on another thread but I though it would be a good idea to have it here too.

    We now have a group MMSI (031600053). The number that they have given us is nine digits but the manual for my radio indicates that group numbers are eight digits. I’m guessing that we drop the leading zero when entering it into the radio. This is not to be used as your own personal MMSI, each boater with a DSC capable radio must apply for their own number. This is just used for group calling.

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