McGregor for rent in La Paz, Mexico for $900US/week

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    Hi Everyone,
    Wanted to let you know that in La Paz, Mexico there is a McGregor, which could be booked and used for a week or more for $900US/week.
    The first opening is – March 14-28, 2019.
    I was thinking of doing that, but a friend of mine could not do that, so the boat is available.
    Here is the link:
    I’ve been there last December (not using a boat, but visited the place and met the owner), it looked attractive to me.
    Please let me know if any questions.
    P.S. I’m still considering going there around March 14 for a week or so, at least to get more familiar with the area, etc., so, if anyone would think to go and share the boat/rental, we could discuss that.

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