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      Main Sail numbers on members macs.
      saynomore, Sat Apr 11 2009, 01:34PM

      Membership Information:

      At the last meeting it was suggested that for members to see who is out on the water with our sails up, it would be easier if we had our numbers on our main sail, and that the number would be the reflection of our haul number. Egan and Lydia are pricing out the cost to have these numbers printed, and will get back to us at the Blaine Regatta.

      Egan called to make me aware that the information given at the meeting was flawed.

      Our serial numbers on the Mac are recorded this way

      Serial number MACM4321F09

      MAC identifies the MacGregor, M = Model, 4321 is haul number, F = June production, 09 = year.

      Based on this information it is suggested that we use the “4321” as our Main Sail number to not create any duplications.

      Egan confirmed this information by checking with Bluewater, and MacGregor HO.


      Commodore, MYCBC

      Re: Main Sail numbers on members macs.
      Windchime, Sat Apr 11 2009, 02:36PM

      Excellent work folks!

      I agree to use the middle four hull numbers as sail ID numbers.

      The Coast Guard told me that the last two digits were the year, and the third to last was the month.

      For what ever reason, it looks like MacGregor used three digits to expresss the year 2000, instead of just two digits like Steve’s example. The serial number of our boat built in 2000 has the last three digits as zeros. MACX1234D000


      Re: Main Sail numbers on members macs.
      , Fri Apr 24 2009, 11:27AM

      Great idea, my wife and the racer of our family was wondering what our numbers are. Thanks The numbers on our boat does not have a letter for the month MACM13470606

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