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      009 MacRendezVous2009
      saynomore, Tue Jun 24 2008, 09:41PM

      We are secured for next years macrendezvous2009 at snug cove on bowen island.
      Dates of June 26-28 2009

      Rates are subject to increase next may, and their is no chance we will ever get back the middle of june for our event.

      Having said this, we are looking at options. The first is Gibsons, you can sail or ferry so nothing has changed. Add an hour to your Sail.

      Ask all members, and Irene and Egan have volunteered to check Gibson out for us.
      If any members have contacts please let me know. Cheryle mentioned that the Lions Club can prepare our meals for a moderate fee, and moorage is $10 per night. Mollies are prepared to cater to our whims. So if anyone heads out to sunshine coast check out Gibson and what they can offer our club.

      Commodore, MYCBCshades.png

      Re: 2009 MacRendezVous2009
      Captain Steve, Fri Jul 04 2008, 11:46AM

      My son and his fiance have decided to get married in Vegas in december, now my summer is free. I am interested and will look at a chart to wrap this around a couple of weeks up there. Towing from Southern California so have to spend some time when I get there.

      Re: 2009 MacRendezVous2009
      Mystic Rose, Sun Jul 13 2008, 07:04PM

      We have been in Gibson several times. Each time have enjoyed the marina and the town. I really don’t know any places away from the waterfront, however I would vote yes to the MacRendezVous be held there.


      Re: 2009 MacRendezVous2009
      Windchime, Sun May 31 2009, 06:22PM

      (Thanks to Glen Hodge of Seashell, for doing the artwork for this invitaion) [/html]

      Re: 2009 MacRendezVous2009
      Kermie, Mon Jun 01 2009, 09:01PM

      Intel for 2009 MacRendezvous
      Annual meet of Macgregor Yacht Club of BC (MYCBC)


      Bowen Island

      June 26-28 2009

      Marina contact info for Reservations
      Union SteamShip Marine Resort
      Snug Cover, Bowen Island

      Phone: (604) 947-0707
      – mention you are joining MacRendezvous

      marina guests call VHF 66a to report arrival

      How to Get to Union Steamship Marina?

      Via boat

      Via vehicle

      Bowen Island is only 8 nautical miles north west of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
      Located on the east side of Bowen Island in Snug Cove.

      Coming from Vancouver, follow the Trans Canada highway west to Horseshoe Bay and take the Bowen Island ferry to Snug Cove. Visit BC Ferries for information on sailing times to Snug Cove.

      Wine & Cheese (Friday)
      Pot Luck Dinner (Saturday)
      (gift exchange – one gift per boat $10-15)
      Pancake Breakfast (Sunday)

      And more…

      $25 per boat plus moorage

      Lat 49°23’N
      Long 123°19’W

      June 26
      3:34 3.0m 9.8 ft
      08:15 3.9m 12.8ft
      15:13 0.6m 2.0 ft
      22:23 4.9m 16.1 ft

      June 27
      04:37 2.6m 8.5 ft
      09:26 3.6m 11.8 ft
      15:57 1.1m 3.6 ft
      22:59 4.8m 15.7 ft

      June 28
      05:39 2.2m 7.2 ft
      10:46 3.4m 11.2 ft
      16:43 1.7m 5.6 ft
      23:34 4.7m 15.4 ft

      Howe Sound

      Post your attendance in Forum

      Re: 2009 MacRendezVous2009
      Kermie, Mon Jun 01 2009, 09:22PM

      Trips Planned before or after MacRendezvous ?

      Possibly a sail to Gibsons (after MacRendezvous) on Sunday afternoon (June 28)!??

      Re: 2009 MacRendezVous2009
      saynomore, Sun Jun 07 2009, 04:43PM

      Treasure IslandThe game consists of 36 nautical questions to be answered by 2 or 3 Pirate Ships.

      The Captains from each pirate ship select a Ships mate to answer the question based on the numbered coin selected from the Treasure chest. If the question is considered a Youth question he will call upon his Young mate to answer.

      The Mate may choose to answer the question directly without the aid of, or select:
      1. Call upon the Captain
      2. Call upon a mate
      3. Call upon the Crew
      4. Call upon a boat Captain tied on the docks (18 seconds to run around and ask the question).
      5. Call for the reference book
      6. Call for a chart.
      (you can only use one of these aids once)

      The right answer deserves a prize, a canon ball for the ships armoury. The wrong answer requires the Ship Mate to walk the plank with style, fashion and showmanship the likes that only a true sailor can perform. The Wrong answer means the next ship inline is required to produce a mate to answer the call. If wrong again, the question moves to the 3rd ship.

      The Game Treasure Island last no more than one Hour. Among the 36 coins there are 3 Battleships, upon discovering this, the Captain quickly orders his ship to open fire with his canons (water guns) on any ship in the vicinity for 18 Seconds.

      Also there is one Ships company walk the plank coin, which has the whole ships company put on a show while they walk the plank.
      At the bottom of the hour the host will conclude the contest by saying all ships fire your cannons at which point all your water balloons are released to the opposing fleet.
      Each Question has a time limit set by “Tic-Toc” a person managing the Clock.Failure to answer within the time frame constitutes a wrong answer and the mate must walk the plank.

      For this game, come dressed as what ever kind of pirates you feel comfortable with. Be prepared to get wet. Rehearse your showmanship in case you must walk the plank.

      BRING Water guns (dollar store starts at .50 to $15)

      Come learn while we have fun acting maybe a little crazy.

      Re: 2009 MacRendezVous2009
      Phil MacIntyre, Mon Jun 08 2009, 10:41AM

      Captain Steve wrote …
      My son and his fiance have decided to get married in Vegas in december, now my summer is free. I am interested and will look at a chart to wrap this around a couple of weeks up there. Towing from Southern California so have to spend some time when I get there.

      So how many hours will it take you to travel on the highway with your boat in tow to the Gulf Islands from where you live in California?

      Phil M

      Re: 2009 MacRendezVous2009
      Site Admin, Sat Jun 13 2009, 04:53PM

      Captain Steve is Coming! Captain Steve is Coming!

      Re: 2009 MacRendezVous2009
      Windchime, Mon Jun 15 2009, 09:32AM

      Dear MacMembers,

      As of this morning (Monday June 15) there are seven boats with confirmed slip reservations for the coming June 26-28 MacRendezvous.

      As you can see from the other posts, this years event is going to be a lot of fun, so please make your slip reservation right away!

      The Marina has taken off the hold for the rest of the spaces, so call today! (Union Steamship Marina at Sung Cove on Bowen Island (604) 947-0707. )

      BBQ and Games on Main Lawn

      Re: 2009 MacRendezVous2009
      Coastal Drifter, Fri Jun 19 2009, 09:14PM

      The motor is officially on the boat and ready to go. We will be there.

      Ron and Elizabeth

      Re: 2009 MacRendezVous2009
      Kermie, Mon Jun 22 2009, 12:46PM

      A question regarding the possible side trip to Gibson’s Sunday afternoon after the Rendezvous.
      Is it just a quick run over there then return Sunday night or should we plan to stay the night at Gibson’s. I for one cannot make it from Snug to Gibson’s then Gibson’s to Point Roberts on Sunday I will have to spend the night at Gibson’s the head back to PR Monday morning. Anyone else have plans to overnight at Gibson’s if we head up there?
      Also could someone change the weather forecast to sunny skies and wind for the MacRendezvous weekend.

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