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      Mac Trailers
      Mystic Rose, Wed Mar 02 2011, 02:06PM

      I have thought about getting a new trailer and/or getting a second axle put on my trailer now. Has anyone had the second axle added and generally how much did it cost? Would most trailer repair places know where to put the second axle? And, a price to replace two axles. I have even thought of getting the Mac Aluminum trailer and adding an second axle and disc brakes. I like the idea of the torsion suspension and the MAC trailer sits lower then anything I have seen on the net. What are some thoughts?

      Re: Mac Trailers
      Coastal Drifter, Fri Mar 04 2011, 09:00PM

      Gerry, I replaced my old Mac trailer last year with a new Road Runner made in Richmond. I bought the larger frame but just one axle. The carrying capacity of the trailer is 3000lbs and the trailer weighs some where around 900lbs for a total of 3900. Fully loaded and heading for Desolation Sound last summer I took it over the truck scales on the freeway and it weighed out at about 4200lbs. It looked overloaded which was why I did it.I had decided to add a second axle so talked to Mike from Road Runner at the boat show. If I do it myself, the parts will be about $1,200. Add labour cost if I want him to do it. Adding the axle shouldn’t be difficult, it just bolts on. I know someone who can help me with the brakes. It should be easy because all the parts should match the existing axle as it is only a year old. The challenge I see with adding an axle to an older trailer would be finding parts that match.I will be much happier when I get the second axle on. The new trailer towed great, much better than the old one and now I won’t have to worry about it being overloaded.Ron

      Re: Mac Trailers
      Mystic Rose, Mon May 16 2011, 08:39AM

      HI All,An update to my post. I saw on one of the Macgregor discussion groups a trailer for sale. The link I give you goes to Sandy Williamson in Spanaway, just south of Tacoma. I contacted him and he was so helpful. We emailed and talked several times. I decide on buying a trailer from him. He was willing to deliver, however I wanted to go to the Air Force Base close to his house, so arranged to pick it up my self. The transaction went so smoothly, and he walked me through all the parts of the trailer. He added some side rollers for my loading easier. He has sold Macgregors, owns one, and sells boats on the side too. I have the trailer at the side of the house so haven’t put it on the new trailer yet, however it looks like it will work just fine. The pictures on the link show the trailer pretty well. Sandy Williamson S cell:253-376-8273 H:253-531-1481

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