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      MAC 26X spreaders
      Mystic Rose, Mon Jan 30 2012, 07:40AM

      HI All,

      I just got some cracks, scratches, old holes, my arch and some other things repaired on the fiberglass. Pretty happy with the results.
      The question is: I have to replace my spreaders arms. In the past I bought them from Blue Water, however, has anyone gone to a metals dealer and bought just the cut tubing? If so, where. And if so do you have two more available before I start checking around down in Bellingham? I would imagine every Mac X owner changes these out every couple years. Hope to hear from someone.

      Gerry Mitchell

      Re: MAC 26X spreaders
      Liverpool Lou II, Wed Feb 15 2012, 10:20PM

      I badly bent one of my spreaders when I was raising my mast. it was Saturday morning and I had to launch before low tides comes. I runned home and got lucky, found tube in my storage. I believe it is from one of these painting rods that you can extend, but I cannot remember any more. It may as well be an old boat hook. I just cut it to length transfered the tip where the spreader line is attached and an hour later I was on my way. It is still doing its job after 5 years.

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