looks like I need a new motor…

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    Kelvin Dueck

      After spending most of this summer trying to get my motor running, it looks like I need a new motor. Sadly, this summer is a write-off for getting in the water.

      I’m looking at something in the 50-60 HP range, but I think that used is more financially attractive than new. Can anyone recommend a good source of used outboards? I suspect that the larger selection will be in the fall around October or so. I’m hoping to get something that’s been out on a resort lease, and still is under warranty.


      (Teacher’s Pet)

      Steve & Cathy

        I am on a look out for new/leased motor.
        Call all the local wholesalers, and they will tell you who are their big lease dealers (most of them lease to tour or fish camps for 3to6months) they are nicely broken in, mechanically tuned when returns and ready for resale.
        Merucry big dealer is: Bridgeview marine
        2nd MP marine
        Yamaha: Galleon and GA Checkpoint
        Suzuki: Sherwood Marine (victoria) and appearently in Vancouver Bridgeview, also our BWY

        I am looking for a tilt lift assembly for my Honda 50 or if I get a crazy deal I will change.
        I like mercury cause you can get it serviced anywhere.
        Yamaha is a very good quiet, light weight but I am not sure about the servicing on our boat. I will check with Kermi to see if he is still satisfied with his Yamaha.
        Suzuki, a great motor but servicing is an issue.
        I was told that Kijijji is a good site for guys who have bought a new boat and found out that they want a bigger engine, but then you have to pay to have motor removed and reinstalled?


          Yes Steve, you do have to pay to have old motor removed and new installed, it is pricey! I whish I could be more DIY kind of guy, would of saved a lot of cost.
          I have the new Yamaha F70, it is the same 996 cc motor as the 50/60 but tricked out to 70hp with 2.33 gear reduction ratio, lots of torque.
          After reading a lot of experiences on other Mac sites I decided that a 14 X 11 prop would be a good choice, turns out it was. The recommended RPM range is 53-6300 rpm and I was getting the upper range 62-6300 @ WOT. So I decided to get a spare prop just in case and purchased a 13 5/8 X 13 prop. I took it for a test run thinking I would lose 200 rpm per extra inch of pitch so would lose about 400 rpm and get 5800 rpm but also thought I would gain maybe 100 rpm for the drop to 13 5/8 diameter. In the end I expected to get maybe 5900 rpm, middle of recommended range, and more speed.
          Well, I was surprised to find I lost a whopping 1000 rpm, I only got 52-5300 rpm @ WOT, empty ballast. Hard to comprehend and I cannot explain it but I did get 22mph compared to 19mph on the 14×11 @ WOT, cannot explain that either, suffice to say those were the recorded results I had. I since switched back to the 14×11 and keep the 13 as a spare since I seldom use WOT. Not sure if the higher end of range is better than low end of range but we tend to load the boats heavy so I chose the higher end.
          I have only ever heard good things about Yamaha so that is why I chose it and am satisfied with my decision. Still the best power/weight ratio out there! 253 lbs! E-tech 60 is 239lbs Honda 50 about 215 lbs and Suzi 70 from BWY was a whopping 370 lbs in its day!
          Many boats are getting older now and the engines are getting tired so re-power decisions are increasing. I believe 70 hp is the minimum hp for the macs while others are choosing 90 hp especially with the X model. The M should be just fine with 70 hp. Gotta love the big 14″ prop you can swing.
          PS I also believe the increase in hp increases the resale value, and makes the boat more desirable to potential buyers.

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