Logbook basics

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      Logbook basics
      saynomore, Thu Sep 03 2009, 05:40PM

      logbooks differ from one printer to another but essential entries are the same.

      Name of vessel
      official number (registration or license)
      prot of registry
      radio call sign
      (all these entries, entered once at the beginning of the log book)

      Names of Captain and crewmembers at the start of the voyages (and relevant changes)
      Remember the Captain must sign the log book at the end of each voyage, hoewever short.

      Daily entries include:
      point of departure and destination
      times and ships positions
      general comments
      course, speed
      sail changes/engine hours
      fuel, oil, gas. consumption and tank change over

      length of anchor rode and how marked ( 2 whites with 1 red in center = 10 fathoms)
      radar heading error marker
      correction for actual depth sounder (height of transducer from keel)
      vessels length overall, fraft, and spar height
      anything else you can think of that will make your cruise safe and enjoyable like bearing deviation card.

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