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      Kootenay Lake
      , Fri Apr 04 2008, 06:14PM

      Hello All, I am new to the club and happy to see a Canadian site. I am planning a 3 day sailing trip to Kootenay Lake in late May. Does anyone have experience on the lake, ideas/suggestions/ concerns.


      Re: Kootenay Lake
      saynomore, Mon Apr 07 2008, 09:18AM

      It has been some years since I sailed Kootenay lake on a friends boat.
      First we got local knowledge at the marina in Nelson.
      There is a good sailing community there.
      Our days on the water was with fair winds, and great fishing for our dinners on the upper North West of the Lake, especially at the rivers mouth where there is a hot spring just above.
      On our last day we got caught in some tough winds and rain, the westerbeke engine died and we had to shorten our sails to make back in to a south east beach.
      Kootenay lake is cold, fun, watch out for deadfalls, many sandy beaches on hot days, there is a hot spring, you can dock at the local Pub/Hotel and walk up the trail. Good fishing and gold panning(pick the smaller creeks that feed into the lake) if you are into this

      People/cottagers where friendly around the Lake, some waved us in for a beer, some let us dock so that we can run across to local stores for supplies.

      If you cross the ferries path they take great pride in blasting you even if you are crossing at a great safe distance.

      Dress warm.


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